Mattress Selection Criteria For A Heavy Person

Among natural latex mattresses, few models have the specifications needed to make it on to‘s list of the best mattress for heavy people.

We used seven major selection criteria to find the best possible natural latex mattress for a heavy person (230+ pounds).

  1. Thickness
  2. Durability
  3. Edge Support
  4. Breathability
  5. Zoned Layers
  6. No toxic VOCs or fire-retardant chemicals.
  7. Construction – Either Hybrid innerspring coils or 12″+ all latex.
  8. 3rd party certifications

The Best mattress for a heavy person is 100% natural

In the online mattress space, there is a sea of offerings that each cater to specific body types and sleeping positions.

The mattress thickness, firmness and construction materials all determine whether or not it would be adequate for a heavy person. For the heavy person’s body type, the mattress’s foam comfort layer is the single most important component in the entire mattress. This is because this layer can be the first to fail if it is of low quality and not made to withstand the added pressure and compression that a heavy person puts on a mattress.

This is an example of the comfort layer from a polyurethane mattress that has failed. The coil layer may still be intact and undamaged, but the polyurethane foam layer has collapsed. This creates some uncomfortable sagging and dips in the mattress.

Because of its durability, natural latex is the best possible comfort layer material. Not only is it at least 3x more durable than polyurethane foam, but gives you an unparalleled feeling of lightness and buoyancy when sleeping on it.

The coil layer, wool or plant-based fire barrier and the cover also must be of the highest quality in order to have the most durable mattress possible. Coil units vary in terms of coil gauge, multiple zones and reinforced perimeter.

Ideal mattress firmness for a heavy person?

A heavy person, meaning anyone that is over 230 pounds, will generally be most comfortable on a medium or firm mattress. A medium or firm natural latex mattress will be more supportive given the increased weight. With a medium or firm mattress, there is less chance that the heavy person experiences a feeling of sinking in too deep or “bottoming-out” on the mattress. If the foam comfort layer is too thin or too plush, a heavy person may bottom out on the coil unit. This can cause discomfort and pressure points on the shoulders and hips.

The best mattress for a heavy person will be in the medium to firm range. Some heavy people might prefer a medium firmness pillowtop mattress like the Cedar Natural Luxe, while others might enjoy the firm version of the Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid.

We can make some recommendations based on the feedback from people in different weight groups, but in the end, you are in the best position to know which mattress firmness gives you the highest quality sleep. As a heavy person, you can base your firmness preference on mattresses you have owned in the past. The SleepEz Natural online mattress builder can suggest a mattress firmness based on your height, weight and sleeping position. Try it for fun and see what mattress firmness it suggests.

What is heavyweight?

In boxing, the heavyweight category is 200 pounds and above.

While there is no official heavy person weight description for the world outside of boxing, the mattress industry regards 230 pounds or above as the heavy person weight category. People that are 230 pounds or above have similar needs in terms of support, pressure relief and breathability in a mattress. When looking for that perfect sleep experience, the mattress’s weight capacity is an important factor that determines whether or not if it is an ideal mattress for a heavy person.

A heavy person might not necessarily be obese, as this factor is determined by the Body Mass Index (BMI). For this reason, we do not use terms such as “overweight” or “obese” to describe weight categories as these can be misleading. A heavy person may happen to be big and tall but not necessarily overweight or obese.

Best Mattress Thickness For Heavy Person

It may be daunting to shop for a new mattress as a heavy person. There are so many factors to consider. Not to mention that there are many models to choose from, some of which come in a variety of different thicknesses.

The Idle Latex hybrid makes the best mattress for heavy people list. From this angle, you can see the 13

The Idle Sleep Natural Latex Mattress makes the best mattress for heavy person list thanks to its 13″ thickness and 2 sided hybrid construction.

In order to help you narrow down your search for the best mattress for a heavy person, limit your search down to 3-rd party certified natural latex mattresses that are at least 12-inches in thickness.

The thickness of the natural latex mattresses in the list below are all between 12-inches and over in thickness. Naturally, if you are well above 230 pounds, you should be considering 14-inch or above natural latex mattress. The mattress should remain breathable under heavy compression. The more the mattress materials are compressed, the less breathable they become. Under heavy compression, air cannot circulate as freely through the pores and fibres of the cotton cover, wool fire barrier, natural latex and spring coils. However, natural latex, wool and cotton are far more breathable than polyurethane foam and polyester fabric. So, even if the components of a natural mattress are heavily compressed, it will be far more breathable than its polyurethane & synthetic counterpart.

Best mattress for heavy people: our top picks.

Below is ‘s best mattress for heavy people list in the natural mattress category. We have researched countless reviews from many models of natural latex mattresses in order to make the best possible recommendation for a heavy person.

Best Mattress For Heavy Person Comparison

Model &
Visual of mattressCheck latest priceMattress
The Eden Pillowtop Mattress
by Eden
The Idle Latex (2-sided 13″)
by Idle Sleep
Hybrid 13Read the full review
Luxury Bliss
by Plush Beds
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Hybrid12Read the full review
Hybrid Latex Mattress
by Brentwood Home
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Cedar Natural Luxe
by Brentwood Home
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Hybrid14Read the full review.
Serenity Spring
by Savvy Rest
Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress
by Awara
Avocado Green with pillow top
by Avocado Green

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Hybrid13Read the full review.
Vegan Pillowtop
by Avocado
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Select Sleep Hybrid
by Sleep EZ
(2-in-1 flippable mattress)
Natural Mattress
by Sleep EZ (7,9,10,13 inches)
Latex Core13
Organic Mattress
by Sleep EZ (7,9,10,13 inches)
Latex Core13


The Idle Latex Hybrid is a natural & non-toxic latex mattress that is handmade with 100% organic cotton and is free of glue and toxins. It is hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. 

Best For:

  • Heavy people want a mattress that is 400% more supportive than memory foam. 
  • Heavy people that want a flippable mattress with a medium/medium firmness or a medium/firm firmness
  • As the Idle Latex Hybrid is a 13″ mattress, it is rugged and sturdy enough for people that are 330+ pounds. 

Natural Latex foam is very resilient and is not prone to sagging and developing body impressions like polyurethane foam. It is several times more durable than polyurethane, not to mention that it is more breathable, hypoallergenic, dust mite and mould resistant and is non-toxic. 

The latex layers in the Idle Latex Hybrid are certified by GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) so you know that the latex is genuine and not blended with synthetic latex. 

The Idle Latex Hybrid features your choice of 3″ Dunlop or Talalay latex on either side of the mattress. Since the mattress can be flipped over, its durability may be increased even more. The best mattress for a heavy person will be both comfortable and durable. Since a heavy person puts more stress on the coil layer, latex layer and wool batting layer the durability of the mattress may be shortened. Since the Idle Latex Hybrid is flippable, it’s lifespan can be extended even longer, providing the ultimate surface for blissful, rejuvenating sleep along the way. 

Idle Sleep recommends that heavy people choose the firm option, as it will stay more supportive under increased compression.

Not sure if the Idle Latex Hybrid will get you the best sleep you’ve ever had? There’s no need to worry because you’re covered by Idle Sleep’s 18-month sleep trial. If after 30 days you decide that the mattress is not for you, you can arrange for Idle Sleep to pick up and refund the mattress. Idle Sleep has 0% APR financing available on all mattresses. 

The Eden Mattress by Eden


The Eden Mattress lifetime warranty covers body impressions. Sagging and body impressions are the #1 reason why mattresses fail over time. Natural Dunlop latex is so resilient that Eden can guarantee that it will stand the test of time, even for heavy people. 

Best For: 

  • Heavy people that want a bed that conforms to their body shape, while providing the bounce of a traditional hybrid mattress. 
  • Sleepers who prefer a medium feel. 
  • Side sleepers. The 5″ latex comfort layer relieves pressure at the hips and shoulders. 


The layers inside the Eden Mattress are as follows: 

  1. Organic cotton cover. 
  2. Wool fire barrier. 
  3. 5″ Medium Dunlop latex barrier. 
  4. 8″ Quantum Edge coil unit with a reinforced perimeter. 
  5. 1″ Firm Dunlop latex layer. 
  6. Wool fibre. 
  7. Bottom organic cotton cover. 

The 5″ Dunlop latex comfort layer is among the thickest in the industry, which translates to a buoyant and light feeling while lying down on the Eden Mattress. The 5″ medium firmness latex comfort layer is perfect for heavy people that sleep on their side as well as those that sleep in a variety of positions. 

The price of the Eden Mattress is definitely one of its notable selling points. The pricing several hundred dollars lower than natural mattresses of similar thickness like the Avocado Pillowtop, Awara and Cedar Natural Luxe Pillowtop

All of the materials in the Eden Mattress are certified 100% organic by Greenguard. This means that you are not only getting quality durable materials, but you will not be polluting your home environment with nasty VOCs and toxic chemicals. 

The Eden Mattress comes with one of the most impressive sleep trials in the industry. You have a full 18 months sleep trial to decide if the Eden Mattress really meets your needs. The lifetime warranty removes any additional doubt about investing in the Eden Mattress

Luxury Bliss by Plush Beds


The 12″ Luxury Bliss mattress features a Dunlop latex comfort layer paired together with a fabric encased spring coil layer. The hybrid combination makes for a buoyant feeling, like sleeping on a cloud.

Best for:

  • Heavy people between 230-330 pounds.
  • Those who enjoy medium or medium-firm surface. 
  • Those that like a mattress that is easy to move. The coil layer adds rigidity. 

The Luxury Bliss by Plush Beds is a hybrid natural latex mattress that is available in medium or medium-firm. The Luxury Bliss is ideal for “all-around” sleepers, that is, heavy people that sleep in a variety of positions. It made the “best mattress for heavy person” list because its 12-inch thickness can accommodate higher-than-average compression while still remaining comfortable and breathable. The Luxury Bliss features all-natural, 3rd party certified materials. 

The Luxury Bliss is a genuine natural latex mattress because of the number of 3-rd party certifications that it has. Among‘s list of the best mattress for heavy people, the Luxury Bliss has the most amount of 3-rd party certifications: Greenguard Gold,
USDA Organic (cotton, latex), GOLS, OEKO-Tex Standard 100, Eco-Institut, GOTS Organic and Eco Wool.

The Luxury Bliss offers both breathability and pressure-relieving comfort through its hybrid construction. Heavy people will not get a rolling-off sensation when sleeping close to the edge of the Luxury Bliss thanks to the reinforced perimeter in the coil layer. 

Plush Beds offers free shipping for the Luxury Bliss to anywhere in the contiguous United States. No need to worry if it will meet all your needs as a heavy person because you are backed by a 110-night sleep trial and a 25-year limited warranty. 

Hybrid Latex Mattress by Brentwood Home


The Hybrid Latex Mattress by Brentwood Home features up-cycled new materials including unused factory denim and plastic bottles. Flaxseed fibre makes up the transition layer between the latex and coil layers. It features a zoned latex layer. 

Best For:

  • Heavy people between 230-330 pounds. 
  • All around sleepers & back sleepers. 
  • Those that like making an impact through environmentally-conscious purchases. 

The Hybrid Latex Mattress by Brentwood Home is probably the most eco-friendly mattress available on the market. It has “up-cycled” components, which means that many of the materials that would otherwise be discarded in factories are used to make the components of the Hybrid Latex Mattress.

The Hybrid Latex Mattress features a zoned latex layer, which will help add comfort to the areas of the hips and shoulders, where pressure tends to build up. The zigzag pattern is elongated at the hips and shoulders, which allows for more give. A zoned latex layer gives a more comfortable, buoyant sensation because the hips and shoulders are specifically targeted. 

The 8-inch ActivEdge™ Quantum® Edge coil unit from Leggett & Platt® is made to withstand the demands of someone looking for the best mattress for a heavy person. It has a reinforced perimeter which prevents roll-off sensation. The steel is made from up-cycled materials in order to minimize environmental impact. 

Not sure if the Hybrid Latex Mattress will meet your needs? There is absolutely no need to worry because Brentwood Home offers an incredible 365-day sleep trial to ensure that you are fully satisfied before committing to your investment.

A heavy person will create more stress on the mattress’s components because of the increased compression. The Hybrid Latex Mattress is one of the best mattresses for heavy people because it is covered by a 25-year warranty should any component fail prematurely. 


Cedar Natural Luxe by Brentwood Home


With the optional pillowtop, this is Brentwood Home‘s most luxurious mattress at 13-inches in thickness. 

Best For:

  • Best mattress for heavy people that are in the 330+ pound range. 
  • Side sleepers benefit from the added thickness of the topper. 
  • Sleepers that tend to overheat will do great with this mattress because of its hybrid construction which promotes airflow. 

The Cedar Natural Luxe with pillowtop is designed for heavy people. It is built with a 5 zone, 8-inch coil layer which will not only keep you well supported, but will also take the pressure off your hips and shoulders, while gently cushioning your lower back and legs.  The core of the mattress has a zoned 1.5-inch latex layer that is cut into a zig-zag pattern. Together with alpaca wool, it creates a soft and inviting cushioning layer. The 2″ latex layer in the 3-inch topper adds even more cushioning, especially for heavy people that are side-sleepers. 

The only drawback of the Cedar Natural Luxe is that it is only available in one firmness which is a medium or 6/10 with 10 being the firmest. Still, there is little need for having a wide variety of firmness options when the firmness of the Cedar Natural Luxe is ideal for most heavy people that are looking to completely transform their sleep experience. A 6/10 firmness is optimal for most heavy people.

The Cedar Natural Luxe is recommended to anyone that is over 230 pounds, but especially heavy people that are above 330 pounds. The overall thickness of 14-inches (11-inch base + 3-inch topper) means that it is able to provide consistent support without bottoming out or sagging. The multiple comfort layers will conform enough to ensure proper spinal alignment even for heavy people.   

We recommend the Cedar Natural Luxe with the pillowtop option for heavy people, as the base model would not provide the needed support and pressure-relief. The Cedar Natural Luxe can accommodate the heaviest people while still providing comfort, pressure relief and breathability. If you’re not absolutely satisfied with your investment, you have a 365-day window to return the mattress. You’re also covered by a 25-year limited warranty. So, there’s no reason not to try out the Cedar Natural Luxe in order to see if it gives you the quality of sleep you desire.  

Serenity Spring by Savvy Rest


The Serenity Spring is by far one of the most customizable mattresses in the “best mattress for heavy person” list. You have a wealth of choices when ordering and you can even customize the mattress at home thanks to the zippered cover. 

Best For:

  • Heavy people in the 230-330 pound range. 
  • Someone that wants to customize the comfort layer at home. The zippered cover gives access to the internal components. 
  • Couples that want an internal split firmness. Each partner gets to choose their own firmness for their side of the bed.  

Heavy people that fall between the weight range of 230-330 pounds will find the Serenity Spring will meet their needs, especially if they are in a couple. Savvy Rest offers the most firmness options out of all the mattresses in‘s Best Mattress For Heavy Person list.

You get the choice between Dunlop or Talalay and a firmness choice of soft, medium and firm for each. You also get the choice of many split firmness combinations in which each partner gets their own firmness. 

An example of the Serenity Spring with a split firmness would be that a 310-pound heavy person would opt for a firm latex layer on their side of the bed while the lighter 139-pound partner would opt for a soft firmness on their side. 

Not only can you have a split latex comfort layer, but you can also have a split-coil layer. The choices of coil configurations are Firm, Plush/Firm and Plush. 

The 8-inch pocketed coil layer of the Serenity Spring is coupled with a 3-inch natural latex layer that offers optimized comfort, breathability and pressure relief for heavy people. Not to mention that this type of hybrid construction will be highly durable. The latex layer of the Serenity Spring can even be renewed, should it wear out before the other components of the mattress. 

One of the best features of the Serenity Spring is the zippered cover, which allows you to swap out the latex layer from the comfort of your own home. The Serenity Spring is one of the only hybrid coil mattresses on the market to have this feature.

If you would like to optimize the feel of the mattress after purchase, rest assured because Savvy Rest offers a 90-day latex exchange. Should the firmness selection not meet your needs, Savvy Rest will exchange the latex comfort layer for a new one, free of charge, which you can install at home. This is done easily thanks to the zippered cover. If you would like to switch from Dunlop to Talalay or vice-versa, there is an added cost.


A 13-inch natural latex mattress that features thicker than average components. These include a 4-inch Dunlop latex layer and a 9-inch pocketed coil layer. 

Best For:

  • Heavy people that are in the upper weight category of 330+ pounds.  
  • Heavy people that need a bed that is cooling and breathable. 
  • Couples that need a thick mattress with excellent motion isolation. 

The Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress by Awara is perfect for heavy people that are over 230 pounds and don’t want to break the bank by opting for a natural latex mattress instead of a conventional polyurethane mattress. It is very competitively priced considering the 4-inch Dunlop latex layer, 9-inch coil layer and 13-inch overall thickness. 

The Organic Luxury Hybrid is the best mattress for a heavy person that is in the 330+ pound range that has a limited budget. It remains breathable and comfortable under the highest compression, but the price is comparable to natural latex mattresses that are in the 10-12-inch range. 

A heavy person needs to not only consider the comfort and durability of a new mattress, but also the long-term health impacts of any chemicals that are contained in its components. The comfort layer of the Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress is made up entirely of one 4-inch natural latex foam layer. It does not contain any memory foam or polyurethane foam. The mattress is devoid of ozone depleters, flame retardants, formaldehyde, mercury, heavy metals, chlorofluorocarbons, PBDEs, lead and phthalates, all of which can be found in conventional polyurethane mattresses. 

The Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress is rated as a 6.5/10 which makes it a medium-firm. This is the perfect firmness for most heavy people, but if you’re in doubt about whether or not the Organic Luxury Hybrid will completely revitalize your sleep, just know that you are covered by Awara’s 365-day sleep trial. Awara is sure that the Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress will give you “weightless comfort” while you enjoy the highly breathable and pressure-relieving latex layer. If there is ever any doubt about your long-term investment within the 365-day trial period, just let them know and they’ll arrange for a refund.  

Avocado Green with pillowtop by Avocado Green


The Avocado Green Mattress comes in a pillowtop version that makes it a total of 13-inches in thickness. The 5-zone coil layer will not only provide great support for a heavy person but also provide pressure relief to the hips and shoulders.  

Best For:

  •  Heavy people that like a generous comfort layer (3″ in the base, 2″ in the pillowtop= 5″ of latex) 
  • A heavy person that is a side sleeper will love this mattress thanks to the 2 latex layers that have a combined thickness of 5-inches. 
  • As a 6/10 on the firmness scale, the Avocado Green Pillowtop is best for heavy sleepers that like a gentle firm mattress.

The Avocado Green Pillowtop may be the best mattress for heavy people in the 230+ pound range. The Leggett & Platt Quantum Edge® Elite Combi-Zone® coil unit is not only able to support higher than average bodyweights, but it is able to provide targeted support to different areas of the body thanks to the 5 ergonomic coil zones. The coils are individually wrapped by cloth and because they are independent, they isolate motion. 

Motion isolation is absolutely essential for heavy people, since the higher the person’s body weight, the more likely they are to cause motion disturbance with their partner. A high-quality coil unit with isolated coils like the one found in the Avocado Green Pillowtop will keep the motion felt from a heavy person that is rolling over to a minimum. 

Shopping for a natural latex mattress can be tedious because it is always a challenge to find out if the materials are truly 100% natural and/or organic. The Avocado Green Pillowtop has a number of 3rd-party certifications that ensure that you are getting a mattress that has natural, non-toxic and certified organic materials. It has GOLS and OEKO-TEX certified organic latex, GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic wool, GOTS certified organic cotton. It contains no toxic flame retardants and the entire mattress is certified by Greenguard Gold

The 6/10 medium firmness provides transformative sleep to a heavy person, especially if they have never experienced the buoyant and supportive feeling that natural latex provides. However, if the Avocado Green Pillowtop falls below expectations, the purchase is guaranteed by a 365-day sleep trial and 25-year limited warranty. Avocado only asks that you give your new mattress at least 30 days before determining that it doesn’t meet your needs. 

Vegan Pillowtop by Avocado


Instead of a wool fire barrier, the Avocado Green Vegan features a silica-based fire barrier. Whether it be for allergic or humanitarian reasons, the Vegan is Avocado’s plant-based alternative for heavy people looking for a mattress that is free of animal products. 

Best For:

  • Heavy people that like a generous comfort layer (3″ in the base, 2″ in the pillowtop= 5″ of latex) 
  • A heavy person that wants a natural latex mattress contains no animal products and is certified by 
  • A natural mattress that exceeds flammability standards without the use of flame-retardant chemicals. 

The first thing that comes to mind when someone hears the word vegan is food and cosmetic products. A mattress would perhaps be the last thing that one would associate with the term vegan. However, in the natural latex mattress category, this makes total sense because the fire barrier or most natural latex mattresses are made of wool. 

Wool is an excellent natural flame retardant thanks to its high nitrogen and water content. Because of this, it requires more oxygen in the surrounding area to burn. So if it is tightly woven, as it is in natural latex mattresses, it will not support a flame. However, wool may cause some allergies in certain people, even if there is no direct skin contact. 

Instead of a wool fire barrier, the Avocado Vegan Mattress uses hydrated silica. Hydrated Silica has a long history and is non-toxic. It is even used in Tom’s toothpaste. The mattress is highly resistant to an open flame, having passed the most stringent testing environments

The Avocado Vegan Pillowtop is exactly the same as the Avocado Green Pillowtop model. The only difference between the two is the Hydrated Silica vs. Wool fire barrier and the pricing is exactly the same. The Vegan Pillowtop Mattress features a 3″ layer of latex in the lower section and a 2″ latex layer in the pillowtop section which makes a blissful comfort layer that has a total of 5″.  The best mattress for heavy people that are side sleepers will have a generous comfort layer thickness, and the Avocado Vegan Pillowtop definitely delivers on this point. 

The Vegan Pillowtop has a firmness rating of 6/10 which provides transformational sleep for most heavy people. Your investment is protected by Avocado‘s 365-day sleep trial and 25-year limited warranty. 

Select Sleep Hybrid by Sleep EZ (2-in-1 flippable mattress)


A 14″ flippable 2-sided mattress with a 3″ plush latex layer on one side and a 2″ firm latex layer on the other side. 

Best For:

  • Heavy people that want the choice of firm or plush. 
  • Best for a heavy person that wants a thick 14″ mattress that will offer continuous support no matter how much it is compressed. 
  • A heavy person that wants a mattress that conforms to their body shape. The 8″ Bolsa ComfortCore coils act independently and stop motion transfer. 

The Select Sleep Hybrid from Sleep Ez has a robust Bolsa ComfortCore coil layer that has up to 1188 stress-relieved coils that will maintain their shape over time. The individually wrapped coils act independently to support every curve of the body and provide a durable, consistent sleep surface. 

The Quantum Edge provides support at the edge of the mattress so that you don’t get the feeling that you are rolling off the bed when sleeping close to the side. The coil layer and mattress is will function perfectly with an adjustable foundation. 

The Select Sleep Hybrid is quilted on both sides with New Zealand Joma Wool and organic cotton. The cover adds softness to the comfort layer and helps control temperature and moisture. 

You get a 90-night trial with the Select Sleep Hybrid and it comes with a 10-year limited warranty. It ships out free within 2 business days right to your doorstep. 

Natural & Organic by Sleep EZ 


Sleep EZ offers a highly customizable all-latex mattress that is available in a 13″ thickness. It comes in two distinct versions: the “Natural” and the “Organic“. 

Best For:

  • A heavy person that is in a couple. Internal split firmness available. 
  • A heavy person that wants to build their mattress, layer by layer. 
  • A heavy person that wants a supportive and conforming all-latex core mattress. 
  • Best for a heavy person that wants to be able to further customize the mattress at home, thanks to the zippered cover. 

The SleepEz Natural & Organic are some of the most customizable natural latex mattresses for heavy people. Not only do you have the choice between organic latex and the slightly more affordable natural latex version but you can select any combination of the following variables:

  •  7, 9, 10, 13 inches thick. 
  • Soft, medium, firm, extra-firm. 
  • Talalay or Dunlop latex. 
  • Natural or Organic latex. 
  • Internal split firmness layers for queen, king and California King. 
  • Split (2 pcs.) available for King and California King. 

Since the Natural & Organic mattresses by SleepEz are made to order, they can offer such an incredible variety of customization options. Since the mattress is made as the orders come in, Sleep Ez has much more room to stock components. This means that they can offer one of the most customizable all-latex core mattresses for heavy people. 

As a heavy person, you should select the 13″ thickness and go from there. The mattress builder will suggest a configuration that best suits your body weight, height and sleeping position. 

As an example, I entered a 5’6″ 140-pound side sleeper on one side and a 6′ 380-pound side sleeper on the other side. The heavy person has a suggested combination of extra-firm layers and a firm layer on top, while the 140-pound person has a combination of latex firmnesses. 

Supposing that the firmness is not quite optimized for your comfort once you get the SleepEZ Natural or Organic. The individual layers are available for exchange from SleepEz. They will ensure that you are getting the best sleep possible. 

How to choose the right mattress firmness as a heavy person?

Natural latex mattress manufacturers use a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. This gives a good idea of the mattress firmness but is not a truly scientific way to measure the firmness of a mattress. Most mattresses fall between the ranges of 4 (plush) and 9 (firm).

The firmness that one will feel as a heavy person is subjective. Most heavy people find medium-firm (6) provides the most comfort. More heavy people like firm (7 or 8) than plush (3-4). The ideal mattress for a heavy person is one that provides contouring and pressure relief while maintaining a high degree of breathability. A heavy person should not feel like they are sinking into the mattress. Thus, the comfort layer and the coil unit should be firm enough to prevent excessive sinking.  A heavy person should feel well supported and not like they are sinking into the mattress.

Plush mattresses generally do not provide enough support for heavy people and have too much sinkage. This can lead to general discomfort and joint pain. On a hybrid mattress, if the comfort layer is too soft, a heavy person may cause the comfort layer to bottom out on the coil layer. This will compromise the breathability of the latex foam and will be quite uncomfortable.

Sleeping positions as a heavy person

Side Sleeper

As a side sleeper and a heavy person, you will need a natural latex mattress with the most amount of cushioning. In other words, the comfort layer of the mattress should be the thickest available in order to allow for more pressure relief at the hips and shoulders. As a side sleeper, your weight is more concentrated at the hips and shoulders.

Best mattress for heavy people

The Avocado Green pillowtop is perfect for heavy side sleepers with a thickness of 13-inches.

Natural latex mattresses that are tailored towards heavy side sleepers have a 3″ or over comfort layer. Some examples are the Cedar Natural Luxe, the Avocado Green & Vegan, the Idle Sleep Latex and the Select Sleep Hybrid.

The Sleep EZ Natural and Organic all-latex mattresses can be configured to 13″ in thickness. Since this mattress is all latex, there is less chance of bottoming out on the spring coils if you sleep on your side. The latex layers of the Sleep Ez Natural and Organic mattresses can be customized and reconfigured at home thanks to the zippered cover.

When you sleep on your side, you have a higher amount of pressure on a smaller area of your body. There is a concentration of pressure around the hip and shoulder area. So, as a side-sleeper and a heavy person you should look for natural latex mattresses that have a minimum 3″ comfort layer. The comfort layer consists of the cotton cover, wool fire barrier and natural latex layer(s).

Side sleepers generally prefer medium to medium-firm in order to allow for enough give to allow the hips to sink and maintain a healthy alignment of the spine.

Back & Stomach Sleeper 

A heavy person that sleeps on their back and stomach will have a much more even distribution of their body weight on the mattress than a side sleeper. Generally, a medium-firm (6/10) or a firm (8-9/10)  will be ideal. For a back/side sleeper, the comfort layer doesn’t need to have as much give as a mattress for a side sleeper. The mattress should be firm enough to maintain proper spinal alignment while remaining comfortable and supportive.

All-around or combination sleeper

A heavy person that sleeps in a variety of positions throughout the night will inevitably be sleeping in the side position, which requires a good amount of pressure relief. A medium-firm mattress with at least 3″ of comfort layer will provide a good amount of pressure relief to an all-around sleeper and still remain breathable.

The Best Mattress for heavy people will have these 8 characteristics

There are many different mattress features that can make a bed ideal for a heavy person. A mattress made for a heavy person must be thick enough to withstand the extra compression and be rugged enough to last many years.

In your search for the best mattress for a heavy person, try to look out for the following features & specifications:

  1. Thickness: we suggest 12″ inches or above as the ideal mattress thickness for a heavy person that weighs between 230-300 pounds. A heavy person that weighs above 300 pounds should be narrowing their search down to a 14″ natural latex mattresses. A thicker mattress will have a thicker comfort layer, sometimes comprised of more than one layer of natural latex. The comfort layer should not be compressed to its maximum potential when lying down on the mattress, since this would hinder its breathability. The natural latex foam layers of the mattress, whether on a hybrid or an all latex mattress, should only be partly compressed. If the comfort layer is not thick enough, it may bottom. In this scenario, a heavy person may experience discomfort while feeling the stiffer coil layer.
  2. Durability: natural latex is at least 3x more durable than any type of polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam includes gel foam, memory foam, comfort foam and many other names that mattress manufacturers use to market the same material. Just tell yourself that if the foam is not 100% natural latex, it is most likely polyurethane. Polyurethane loses its ability to regain its shape over time. Low-density polyurethane, which is often used to make the top layer of lofty-looking pillowtop mattresses is the least durable and sometimes fails within three years of use, creating dips, valleys and body impressions. Natural latex is not only up to 3X more durable, but excels in pressure relief and is free of toxic VOCs that could adversely affect your long-term health.
  3. Edge Support: if the mattress is a hybrid, the coil layer should have a perimeter of higher gauge coils. A reinforced perimeter will keep you from feeling like you are rolling off the bed when sleeping close to the side. If you are a heavy person that is in a couple, this is especially important. A reinforced perimeter also provides support when you’re sitting on the side of the bed and provides rigidity to the mattress during moving. Note that an all-latex mattress (no spring coils) will not have a reinforced perimeter.
  4. Breathability: thanks to its open cell structure, natural latex foam is the most breathable foam material available. It is much more breathable than polyurethane foam and memory foam, both of which have closed cells and tend to trap heat. Breathability is important for a heavy person because extra compression can sometimes limit airflow. Natural latex, especially when combined with a zoned spring coil layer will remain breathable under a heavy load and will help wick away moisture and excess heat.
  5. Zoned Layers: zoned latex comfort layers help decrease the pressure points that you may feel at the hips and shoulders. The Cedar Natural Luxe features a 3-zone latex layer that provides added pressure relief in the areas where you need it most.
  6. No toxic VOCs or fire-retardant chemicals: the average polyurethane mattress may look comfortable and harmless on the outside, but it typically contains hundreds of toxic chemicals that can seep out of the mattress in the form of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Formaldehyde, Boric acid, Antimony Trioxide, Diisocyanates and Isocyanates are some of the chemicals that can adversely affect your health and can be present in conventional mattresses. Natural latex mattresses are free of these toxic chemicals.
  7. Construction – Either 12″+ Hybrid innerspring coils or all latex: as a heavy person, you should narrow your search down to a natural latex mattress that is at least 12″ in thickness and either a hybrid (innerspring) or all-latex. Very heavy people (over 350 pounds) should only consider hybrid mattresses as they can handle more compression without bottoming out. Hybrid mattresses are very breathable because air can circulate freely in the coil layer, even when heavily compressed.
  8. 3-rd party certifications: When searching for the ultimate natural latex mattress, make sure it is certified by GOLS, Eco Institut, GOTS, Greenguard Gold or OEKO-TEX. These certifications will attest that the mattress materials are free of toxic chemicals and VOCs that could adversely affect your long-term health. One certification you should avoid is the Certi-Pur certification, as it is a telltale sign that the mattress is made with toxic polyurethane.

What is the best type of mattress for a heavy person?

Most natural latex mattresses fall into two categories: hybrid and all-latex. Although other types of mattresses like innerspring, air and all-foam exist, they are not available as natural latex mattresses. As a heavy person, we suggest narrowing your search down to natural latex mattresses because this type of mattress offers a feeling of buoyancy, pressure relief and breathability while remaining several times more durable than a conventional polyurethane mattress.

Hybrid natural latex

The Cedar Natural Luxe by Brentwood Home

A hybrid mattress is the most widely available type of natural latex mattress. Hybrid mattresses are true to their name. They are a hybrid between pocketed spring coils and one or more layers of natural latex. Since all the coils are individually wrapped and function independently of one another, they are completely silent, provide a healthy amount of bounce and help with breathability.

pros: Highly breathable, motion attenuating, higher weight capacity so ideal for a heavy person above 350 pounds, reinforced perimeter provides edge support, no VOCs or toxic chemicals, latex layers are mould & mildew resistant.

Cons: generally not customizable after purchase because most of the time, they are not made with a zippered cover.

All-latex (natural not blended synthetic)

The Sleep Ez Natural is an all-latex mattress that can be configured up to 13″ in thickness.

In an all-latex mattress, several layers of natural latex of varying firmness are stacked one on top of each other. A zippered cover enables the owner to rearrange or replace the layers should they choose to alter the firmness at home.

Pros: The all-latex mattress is more customizable than a hybrid because this type of mattress generally comes with a zippered cover. The all-latex mattress is great at conforming to the body and provides a feeling of buoyancy.

Cons: Heavier and harder to move than a hybrid mattress because the core layers have no rigidity. There is no reinforced perimeter like in a hybrid mattress. All-latex mattresses are made with highly breathable open cell latex, although not as breathable as a hybrid mattress, which has many more air pockets because of the coil layer.


Example of a coil unit in an innerspring mattress. The coils are interlinked, which can transfer motion and be noisy because the coils are not pocketed.

These mattresses consist of a coil unit made of interlocked springs, offset or Bonnell coils paired together with a thin layer of polyurethane comfort foam. A layer of mini springs is sometimes used to provide motion attenuation. These mattresses are quite bouncy. They have fallen out of favour because of their excessive degree of motion transfer. Innerspring mattresses are not recommended for heavy people because of the thin comfort layer and high motion transfer.

Pros: Highly breathable, inexpensive.

Cons: Not available as a natural latex mattress, coils can be noisy, will transfer motion.


The Sleep Number air bed has the advantage of having an adjustable firmness but is less breathable because of the PVC air chambers. The comfort layers are made of polyurethane, polyester fibre and polyester material which is toxic and prone to sagging.

Airbeds have adjustable air chambers that can be used to regulate the firmness of the mattress. An air compressor charges the chambers with more air for a firmer feel, and a valve lets air out for a softer feel. An airbed may also have a polyurethane foam or latex comfort layer above the air chambers.

Dual air chambers are available for couples. Sleep Number air beds have a 400-pound weight limit per chamber. So, if you are a couple sleeping on a single chamber bed, you need to make sure that your combined weight does not exceed the weight limit.

Pros: Adjustable firmness through a mobile app.

Cons: Sleeps very hot because the core of the mattress is an airtight PVC chamber, with high VOCs because of toxic materials.

Conventional Polyurethane hybrid and all-foam

These are the most common types of mattresses that can be found for bargain prices in big box stores, and through various online outlets. Pricey luxury models are also available, but the durability of these mattresses is never a given. Some sag and develop body impressions, regardless of the initial purchase price. Many of the name brands like Sealy, Simmons, Tempurpedic and Casper fall into this category. You will find both hybrid and all-foam mattresses in this category.

Pros: Initial cost may be lower than natural latex

Cons: VOCs, toxic flame retardant chemicals, prone to sagging & body impressions, less breathable than natural latex, organic cotton & wool.

Optimizing the sleeping environment for a heavy person

The right type of mattress that is natural, thick and supportive will do wonders to improve your sleep as a heavy person.

However, there may be some changes that you can make you your sleeping environment that can improve your sleep, without necessarily changing your mattress.


A quality natural latex pillow can improve your sleep quality as a heavy person by helping to align your spine and reducing the pressure in your neck and shoulders. This can improve the duration and quality of undisturbed sleep. Some natural latex pillows are made of one solid block of latex, while others, made with natural latex ribbons are adjustable. Fill can be added or removed through a zippered opening on the side of the pillow.

Solid LatexThis pillow consists of a solid block of soap shaped natural latex. The thickness must be geared toward your sleeping position. Take note of the dimensions of the pillow before ordering so that you are sure that it will fit your pillowcase.

Latex RibbonNatural latex mattress manufacturers aim to be as sustainable as possible. That’s why the excess latex that is leftover from cutting latex foam down to size is cut into latex ribbons and used as a pillow fill. Latex ribbon pillows are adjustable, so they are convenient for heavy people that need to adjust the height of the mattress at home.

Wool PillowJust like the latex ribbon pillow, the wool pillow is adjustable, thanks to the zippered pillowcase. Wool will keep you dry in the summertime heat because it naturally wicks away moisture. In the winter, it will keep you warm without overheating because wool is a natural temperature regulator. A wool pillow will give your head, neck and spine the support that they need thanks to the curly and springy nature of the fibres.

Down PillowFor those allergic to wool, down can be a healthy alternative. However, once it is compressed, down has less “pushback” than other materials, especially when comparing to natural latex.

Kapok fibrethis natural plant fibre is an excellent alternative to latex, wool or polyester fill. Kapok fibre is contained in a pod that grows on the Ceiba tree. The feel of Kapok is generally soft. It is plush like down fill and is 100% natural. The Kapok fill is customizable thanks to the zippered pillowcase.

Best Mattress Topper For A Heavy Person

A mattress topper is a piece of foam 2″-4″ thick that is placed on top of the mattress in order to add cushioning or to change the feel and firmness. Mattresses can be made to feel firmer or softer, depending on an individual’s needs. In this way, a heavy person’s existing bet setup can be optimized without changing the entire mattress setup. The best mattress for people is one that is optimized for each individual’s body type, weight and sleeping position. A topper can aid a heavy person in fine-tuning the mattress so that they can achieve optimal comfort.

A topper can also be used to extend the life of a mattress and can even correct some minor sagging. However, a topper will not correct a dip, body impression or valley that is deeper than 1.5 inches. If your mattress has a dip 1.5″, you should consider replacing it with a natural latex mattress that will be much more durable.

A natural latex topper is placed on top of your mattress. The topper should have a cover so that it remains in pristine condition. Use a natural latex topper to add more cushioning, or to adjust the firmness of your mattress.

A heavy person’s existing mattress setup might only need a slight adjustment in order to be comfortable and provide rejuvenating sleep. A soft or medium natural latex topper can be used if the mattress is too hard or doesn’t provide sufficient pressure relief. A firm natural latex topper can be used on a mattress that is too soft or that doesn’t provide enough support.

As a heavy person, you may feel that your current mattress is the right firmness, but doesn’t provide enough support or cushioning. Under increased compression, comfort layers can bottom out and become uncomfortable. Add a 3″ topper to customize the thickness of the comfort layer so that it meets your needs.

Toppers are available as natural Dunlop or Talalay latex, wool, down, memory foam, polyurethane foam, egg crate polyurethane foam. recommends a natural latex, wool or down topper for a heavy person because these are the most durable and chemical-free.

As a heavy person, adding a topper to your mattress is a cost-effective way to get the comfort you need without spending too much. However, if your mattress is old, worn out or sagging, a topper will not be effective in remediating the problem.

Best Bed Frame For Heavy Person

A heavy-duty, durable bed frame is needed to properly support a heavy person. It should remain steady and not sway or creak under load. Heavy people have many options available, and it is always recommended to check the manufacturer’s weight limit specifications before making a purchase.

Box Springa box spring is made with an interlocked metal spring structure coupled with a wood frame. A box spring is placed on a steel frame and provides a steady and flush surface for a mattress. A box spring/metal frame setup is one of the most economical options for a heavy person that is looking to upgrade their bed setup.

Foundation and metal frame: this is a traditional setup with few moving parts, so it is one of the best bed frames for a heavy person. A foundation consists of slats of wood that are covered with cloth. Note that you only need a foundation if you are using a metal bed frame. A foundation will be quieter than a box spring because it does not contain any internal springs that can creak.

Platform bedPlatform beds have a frame made of wood or metal with slats that are placed across the center. A platform bed is sufficiently elevated to eliminate the need for a box spring or foundation. The slats should be no more than 2.5 inches apart, in order to avoid excessive sagging from the mattress between the slats. A platform bed is both economical and stylish because there is no need to add a foundation or box spring.

Adjustable BedAn adjustable bed can be a great addition to your bedroom if you enjoy watching tv or reading in bed but is not necessary if all you do in bed is lie down and sleep. Certain sleep positions like having raised legs/back are possible with an adjustable bed. Check the manufacturer’s combined weight specifications to see if you fall within the weight limit.

For a heavy person, an adjustable bed requires a higher upfront investment. Check the manufacturer’s warranty on the parts & labour to see if it covers the motor and electronics of the adjustable bed are covered.

Pricing for a natural latex mattress for heavy people

A natural latex mattress is an ideal choice for a heavy person because of better breathability, pressure relief, durability and non-toxicity. If you are ready to make the switch, you must be prepared to invest slightly more than your average no-name mattress in a box.

If you see the natural latex mattress as an investment for your health and comfort, the choice is obvious. Besides, since the mattress is much more durable, it offers a better return on investment and will stay supportive and comfortable throughout its life.


The best mattress for heavy people is comfortable, durable and non-toxic. You should be able to think of your mattress as a safe haven to find rejuvenating sleep, night after night, year after year. You don’t want to invest in a mattress whose polyurethane comfort layer starts to sag within the first three years. Natural latex is proven to last at least 3X longer than polyurethane and will remain resilient under higher than average compression when a  heavy person is lying down on the bed. If you have any doubts about the resilience of natural latex mattresses, check out this video of a 50-year-old natural latex mattress that shows no signs of sagging or body impressions.