Plush Beds Luxury Bliss Mattress

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Luxury Bliss
by Plush Beds
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Mattress TypeHybrid
MaterialsOrganic cotton,
Joma wool,
100% natural latex,
Fabric encased coils
CertificationGreenguard Gold,
USDA Organic (cotton, latex),
OEKO-Tex Standard 100,
GOTS Organic,
Eco Wool.
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Trial 100 nights
Warranty25-year limited
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Made in USA
Queen60" X 80" X 12"
Latest Price
Model &
Luxury Bliss
by Plush Beds

Luxury Bliss Hybrid Mattress Overview

The Luxury Bliss mattress is a hybrid mattress. This means that the inner layers are composed of two distinct bedding materials: a pocketed coil layer and a solid 100% natural Dunlop latex layer.

The pocketed coil layer is a total of 8-inches thick. The latex layer is 3-inches thick and the wool fire barrier and cotton cover make up the remaining 1-inch for a total of 12-inches.

Great mattress for a wide range of body types

  • Heavyweight sleepers (250+pounds): thanks to the 8-inch hybrid coil system and 3-inch Dunlop latex layer, the Botanical Bliss provides continuous support and pressure relief. The 8-inch coil layer will not bottom out and will provide the necessary support that heavyweight people need. All-latex mattresses that don’t have a spring coil layer like the Luxury Bliss are not recommended for people over 250-pounds because over a certain amount of compression, they lose the ability to provide pressure relief. A hybrid mattress like the Botanical Bliss will keep heavyweight people afloat and provide continuous pressure relief thanks to the 3-inch Dunlop latex layer and the 8-inch coil layer.
  • Medium weight sleepers (160-250 pounds): people that are around the 160-pound range are most comfortable with the medium firmness while people closer to the 250-pound range should consider going with the medium-firm option.
  • Light sleepers: petite and light sleepers are most comfortable on the medium firmness mattress. The medium-firm Dunlop layer has just the right amount of pressure relief or “give” for lightweight back sleepers, side sleepers and all-around sleepers.

Which firmness of the Luxury Bliss should I choose?

  • Side sleepers: the medium firmness is best for side sleepers because it allows for more pressure relief at the shoulders and hips. Side sleepers need more pressure relief because their weight is more concentrated than a back sleeper.
  • All-around sleepers: This is to be determined by your personal preference. If you spend a lot of time sleeping on your side, then you may find the medium-firm option too hard.
  • Back sleepers: Back sleepers may be more comfortable on the medium-firm option. Since your body weight is more spread out while sleeping on your back, you do not need as much pressure relief as a side sleeper.
  • Stomach sleepers: the medium-firm option is best for stomach sleepers. The added firmness will prevent the hips from sinking too much into the mattress and create stress on the spinal column.

A Hybrid Mattress made with Nature’s finest and most durable bed materials

The Luxury Bliss by Plush Beds is a hybrid mattress, meaning that the inner layers consist of a fabric encased coil layer and latex foam layer. The advantage of this type of mattress is that it had the classic bouncy feeling of a spring mattress. It also ventilates very well since air can pass freely between the coils.

The disadvantage of the Luxury Bliss is that it is not customizeable. The cover of this mattress is not zippered, so you do not have access to the inner layers. Typically, customizeable mattresses are latex core or “all-latex” mattresses that do not have a coil layer.


  • Organic cotton cover 
  • Joma wool 
  • 3-inch 100% Dunlop natural latex layer 
  • 8-inch fabric encased coil layer

The organic cotton cover, together with the Joma wool add a comfortable 1-inch of padding to the mattress. The Joma wool that is quilted into the cover material acts as the fire barrier.