All-natural latex mattresses are typically priced higher than their polyurethane counterparts. In this article, I will show you two affordable natural latex mattress options you might not have already come across. I’ll also tell you about a financing option that is available so that you can get a premium natural latex mattress now, with $0 money down.

Switching A Natural Latex Mattress Is An Investment, Not An Expense

Typically, organic products come at a premium. Some organic products, especially at the grocery store, cost 2 to 3 times more than conventional products. The two non-toxic mattresses that I cover in this article offer great value but are still very affordable. If you’re looking at low priced conventional mattresses online, the selections in this article might seem pricey. But considering the health benefits, the extra cost is quite reasonable.

I’m going to give you two options for queen-sized latex mattresses that are priced under $1,000. If you’re looking for an affordable option to start sleeping on a chemical-free organic natural mattress, these two solutions will be a great fit for you.

A Super Luxurious Option – With No Money Down!

The Idle Sleep Latex 14″ hybrid Dunlop latex mattress. This is a 2-sided mattress available in medium, firm and medium/firm.

The Idle Sleep Latex mattress is a 2-sided Dunlop latex mattress that is a whopping 14″ in thickness. It is available as a medium, firm or one side medium/one side firm. The feel is luxurious and supportive.

Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid 14″ 2-sided mattress.

And since the Idle Sleep Latex comes with a 6″ layer of Quantum Edge Coils, it is perfect for heavyweight people (250+ pounds).

The Idle Sleep Latex is available at 0% APR for 60 months. Instant approvals are available for qualifying applications. You can get your Idle Sleep Latex mattress shipped out today by teaming up with Synchrony Home using the Satisfi secure checkout process.

Easy Financing Offer: 0% APR for 60 Months

Affordable latex mattresses

The Eco Terra mattress and the Latex For Less mattress are two organic mattresses that compete with conventional polyurethane mattresses when it comes to price.

Let’s start by going over the specifications of the Eco Terra latex mattress.

The Eco Terra: An Affordable Non-Toxic Mattress

The Eco Terra hybrid mattress.

This mattress is an all-around great value for someone looking for an affordable solution to replacing their old polyurethane mattress. The Eco Terra mattress is a luxury mattress that is made of several layers of natural materials that include cotton and natural latex foam. It comes with a 90-night trial so you have the time to find out if it’s the right fit for you. If you’re not satisfied, just contact Eco Terra, and they’ll arrange for a refund.

Mattress materials

  • Organic cotton cover: organic cotton fibres are stretched into a top layer to cover the mattress. This provides a soft and cozy surface to sleep on.
  • All-natural latex: super-responsive 100% natural latex provides a breathable support layer that naturally moulds itself to your body.
  • Individually wrapped coils: Fabric in cased coils provide maximum support while limiting motion transfer from a sleeping partner. The fabric attenuates any potential noise that the coils may generate.

The queen size mattress weighs in at 100 pounds and measures 60 by 80 by 11 inches.

The coils are made of 16 gauge USA Steel and have an outer perimeter of 15 gauge steel coils for added support while you’re sitting on the edge of the mattress.

Ecoterra mattresses offer free shipping and free returns within the lower 48 states.


This mattress is certified by OEKO-Tex Standard 100. It is class 1 certified, meaning that it’s free of volatile organic chemicals and heavy metals.

This is a valuable certification because of the controversy surrounding fire retardant chemicals that are used in conventional mattresses. Fire retardants have been linked to a number of health issues including skin problems, inflammation, and respiratory illnesses.


The Eco Terra mattress comes with a 15-year limited warranty. Ecoterra promises to repair any manufacturer defects of the mattress. Full details of the warranty are listed on their website. The mattress must be used with a solid base and a foundation that is in good working order. Make sure the foundation that will be accommodating your natural latex mattress does not have a depressed center zone as it will affect the durability of your natural latex mattress.

Selling points

Ecoterra mattresses use Quantum Edge steel perimeter coils in their mattress construction. This refers to a group of coils that go around the perimeter of the mattress. These edge coils have a smaller diameter than the center coils. The smaller perimeter coils provide added support to prevent you from getting the feeling that you’re about to roll off the bed when you are sleeping near the edge.

The quantum coils also give superior support for when you’re sitting at the edge of the bed to put on your shoes or to get dressed. These coils offer the support you need so that you don’t feel like the mattress is sagging and that you’re sinking into it. The coils are encased in a noise-reducing fabric.

The coil layer of the Eco Terra mattress also enhances its breathability. Add to this the superior breathable qualities of latex over polyurethane foam, and you’ll be sure to sleep cool and comfortably on the Eco Terra mattress.

This mattress is also available in 2 firmness: medium or medium firm.

For a queen size mattress, it is one of the lowest-priced and highest quality natural latex mattresses on the market today. (check the latest price on Amazon)

You can use this mattress with a box spring, a flat platform, or a slatted base.

The Eco Terra mattress offers all of the elements of much more expensive natural latex mattresses at a super low price point. It’s one of the most affordable natural latex mattresses available.

How to order

The ordering process is simple. just go to the Eco Terra website, place your order and you’ll receive it straight to your door rolled up into a box. The mattress is carefully compressed and rolled up to fit in a cardboard box at the factory. This process does not damage the mattress. Once you remove the Eco Terra natural latex mattress from the protective plastic, you’ll be ready for a whole new and improved sleep experience at an affordable price.

Option Number 2: The Latex For Less mattress

Latex for less all-latex core, two-sided mattress. The core of this mattress is made up of two layers of Dunlop latex without the use of spring coils.

The Latex For Less mattress is an affordable and reversible natural latex mattress with two firmnesses. One side of the mattress is firm and the other side is medium-firm. It doesn’t contain a layer of coils but the extra layer of latex makes up for it.

The Latex For Less mattress comes with a 120-night home trial, a 20-year warranty, and it ships free to your door in a small box. This mattress is made in the USA and is available in 8-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch thicknesses.

Mattress materials

  • 100% all-natural latex: The latex is obtained from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree which grows in South America, Africa end parts of Asia. it contains no harsh chemicals and provides ultimate comfort and support for the ultimate sleep experience.
  • 100% organic cotton cover: organic cotton has shown to outperform conventional cotton every time. You will spend a good deal of time sleeping on your mattress and you don’t want to sleep on a bunch of agro-chemicals.
  • 100% natural wool fire barrier: The nitrogen and lanolin in the wool give it it’s fire-retardant properties. Because of these elements, it is unable to support a flame. The fire-retardant properties of wool are superior to those of fire retardants without all the harsh chemicals. Some of the chemicals used in conventional polyurethane mattresses are proven carcinogens.
  • The queen size mattress measures 60 by 80 inches and weighs 100 pounds.


The latex for Less mattress features Oeko-Tex certified latex and GOTS certified organic cotton.


The Latex For Less mattress comes with a 20-year limited warranty. The natural latex mattress is guaranteed against any manufacturer’s defect. Latex For Less will get the mattress repaired at a nearby facility in order to restore the mattress to original specifications should a guaranteed repair service be needed.

Selling points

The uniqueness of the Latex For Less mattress lies in the fact that you get two mattresses in one. You can rest assured that you will find the ultimate sleep surface by either using the medium-firm side or the firm side of the mattress. No other natural latex mattress on the market offers this feature. (If you find one please let me know in the comment section). This affordable natural latex mattress is handcrafted in the USA and can be used on a foundation, box spring, a flat platform or a slatted base or an adjustable base.

Check the latest price for the Latex For Less 8’’ model. Prices are higher for the 9 inch and 12-inch models but still remain a great choice for getting an affordable non-toxic natural latex mattress.

How to order

The ordering process is simple. just go to Latex For Less, place your order and you’ll receive your natural latex mattress straight to your door rolled up into a box. The mattress is carefully compressed and rolled up to fit in a cardboard box at the factory using a fully automatic roller press. This process does not damage the mattress. Once you remove the Latex For Less mattress from the protective plastic, the mattress will fully expand and you’ll be ready for a whole new and improved sleep experience at an affordable price.

Eco Terra vs. Latex For Less

Let’s review the main advantages of these two non-toxic natural latex mattresses.

The Eco Terra mattress

  • Quantum Edge fabric encased coil layer gives support and reduces motion transfer.
  • Organic cotton cover, 100% natural latex, fabric encased coils.
  • Queen size dimensions: 60X80X11 – 100 lbs.
  • Oeko-Tex certified. (toxic free textiles)
  • $899 Queen size with free shipping (check current price).

The Latex for Less mattress


Both the Eco Terra mattress and the Latex For Less mattress offer an affordable solution if you’re looking for a natural latex mattress. If I were to choose between the two I would go for the Eco Terra mattress priced at $899 because it has a fabric encased coils that many other more expensive natural latex mattresses have. Additionally, it is a full 3 inch thicker than the basic mattress from Latex for Less.

The coil layer of the Eco Terra mattress offers additional support for people that have back pain and joint inflammation. The coils help mold the latex layer to the sleeper’s body and provide the support needed to alleviate joint pain.

However, since the mattress is offered as medium or medium-firm, you really have to be sure about the type of surface you will be most comfortable sleeping on.

The Eco Terra has many customer testimonials that refer to the firmness of the mattress. If you are unsure about choosing a firmness for your mattress, their customer support can help you decide. They help people make this decision all the time. Note that any mattress is customizable by adding a natural latex topper.

One constant throughout the customer testimonials is the number of customers commenting on the friendliness of the staff.

Get better quality for the same price

I hope you have found this article useful in your search for an affordable organic mattress. You may find that the Eco Terra Mattress and the Latex For Less are on par with conventional mattresses. But, you must realize that you’re getting a superior product when buying a natural latex mattress.

Natural materials like organic cotton, wool, and natural latex are more expensive to produce. But the benefits lie not only in the absence of chemicals but to the socio-economic fallbacks. Typically, the more natural and organic a product, the less mechanized the production chain of the primary source tends to be.

For example, natural latex plantations of the Hevea Brasiliensis or Rubber Tree tree employ many skilled farmers to the plant and maintain the trees, as well as to harvest the sap. Additionally, when the trees become unproductive after 20 years, the wood is harvested and used as a furniture building material.

Natural latex rubber production is labour-intensive but it provides a livelihood for many families that live in regions where economic development is lacking.

An affordable latex mattress depends on how efficiently the manufacturer gets their product to you.

Let’s face it. Retail stores are a dying breed. With the internet, manufacturers can create a direct relationship with their buyers. This cuts out middlemen like retailers that operate furniture and department stores. These stores need to tack on a massive mark up onto their inventory of products in order to stay profitable.

Natural latex companies also save costs by choosing efficient sourcing for their materials and manufacture their products in-house. These savings alone can account for over $1,400. It is common to see a queen size premium mattress in a department store going for $2,400 and up. Sadly, the majority of this cost is associated with inefficient sourcing, costly third-party manufacturing, extra shipping and the retailer’s mark up.

Switching to either the Eco Terra or the Latex For Less mattress will help improve your sleep and might help alleviate health problems like joint and muscle pain, back pain, insomnia, allergies, inflammation, and bruxism (tooth grinding).

In essence, by choosing an affordable natural latex mattress, you are getting a superior product without having to pay the overhead. In this modern-day and age, you don’t have to pay for service overhead when you are buying a product. Companies like Eco Terra and Latex For Less cut out the middleman and offer a direct-to-consumer relationship. This saves them money. And, they are able to pass these savings on to you and offer a superior non-toxic mattress in the process. So why pay more for a conventional mattress that will be off-gassing chemicals into your sleeping environment for years to come?

How do the Eco Terra Mattress and the Latex For Less mattress stack up against the competition?

If you’re interested to see what else is available on the market, be sure to check out my interactive natural latex mattress comparison chart. You can use the arrows on the top bar to re-order the rows. You can reorder the chart so that the prices go from lowest to highest.

I hope this guide will help you find the perfect eco-friendly and non-toxic mattress so you can get rejuvenating sleep.