You might have come across this article because you’re seen many warnings about the dangers of conventional polyurethane mattresses. The presence of off-gassing chemicals, fire-retardants, glues and dyes in polyurethane mattresses means that you are putting your health at risk when you sleep on one. The chemical exposure is even greater when a polyurethane mattress is new as this is when the most off-gassing occurs.

Building a mattress from scratch is possible, but it may be more time consuming and costly than going with the Natural or Organic natural latex mattresses by Sleep EZ. You will need to source the individual layers of latex and a spring coil layer if you want to build a hybrid mattress. Then, you will need and a mattress cover that has the proper dimensions to accommodate your new mattress.

The SleepEZ Natural and Organic order pages feature a mattress builder that lets you choose between the following options, which means you can come up with the perfect mattress for your sleep preference, body style and budget.

  • Size (twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, California king, 2-piece split queen, 2-piece split king)
  • Thickness: (7, 9, 10, 13 inches)
  • Split firmness within the same mattress
  • Choice of latex foam (110% natural and 100% organic Dunlop latex foam, blended Talalay or 100% natural Talalay)

Every layer of the SleepEZ Natural and Organic mattress can be split into two different sides. This is ideal for couples that have different firmness preferences. In this 13″ example, the top layer is split into two sides of soft and medium 100% natural Talalay latex. The 3 Dunlop latex layers that are below can be solid or split into two sides for couples.

If you sleep on a queen or king mattress by yourself you also have the choice of a solid layer of natural or organic Talalay and Dunlop

Every SleepEz all-latex core mattresses are made to order, which means that you have an incredible amount of choices when you’re building your mattress. In this example, only the top layer is a split Talalay. The other two layers are solid Dunlop latex.