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Before getting into the list of the 5 best natural latex mattresses for 2019, here are 10 reasons why a natural latex mattress is a far better choice when comparing to polyurethane mattresses.

  1. No VOC’s: many people report the strong smell of new mattresses from companies like Leesa, Casper, Bear, and any other manufacturer that uses polyurethane for the construction materials. The smell can escape the mattress for weeks when new. Worst of all, the mattress will still keep releasing VOC’s that enter your bloodstream by inhalation through the lungs even after the detectable smell fades. Natural latex mattresses featured on are 3-rd party certified, which ensures that they are 100% natural and don’t emit any VOC’s.
  2. More durable than polyurethane ie Casper, Tempurpedic, Simmons, etc. A natural latex mattress will last 2-3 times longer than a polyurethane mattress.
  3. Customizable: many latex core mattresses have zippered covers which enable you to open them and switch out the latex layers of various firmnesses.
  4. Environmentally friendly: since natural latex mattresses last longer, you will be going through fewer mattresses that eventually end up in landfills. The natural materials are sustainable and the processing they require is non-polluting. Additionally, the materials that are used except for metal coils in some cases are biodegradable.
  5. Super contouring and responsive: the responsiveness of natural latex foam is unparalleled. In some cases, sleeping on a natural latex bed may help alleviate or stop back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.
  6. Chemical free fire retardant: natural latex mattresses manufacturers use sheep’s wool instead of chemicals to pass UL fire resistant standards in the United States.
  7. Hypoallergenic: natural latex mattresses are mildew resistant, mould resistant and hypoallergenic. People that have latex allergies may be allergic to these mattresses in some rare cases, but it is uncommon since the person is not in direct contact with the latex foam.
  8. Reduced partner disturbance: Couples love natural latex mattresses for their motion attenuating qualities.
  9. Cooler sleeping: in comparison to polyurethane foam, natural latex ventilates much better thanks to a larger and more open cell structure. This will help you to sleep cool and will help avoid overheating.
  10. Non-toxic: in order for the natural latex sap to be processed into latex foam, some non-toxic chemicals are used. Potassium Oleate is a type of soap that is used to prevent the latex sap from coagulating until it is put into the mould. This also allows the latex mixture to be whipped up into a foam just before it is cured. Sulphur is added to the latex mix to give it elasticity and resilience. Without it, the foam would resemble chewing gum and would not have the properties it is known for.

The 5 best 100% natural latex mattresses for 2019

It was a difficult task to determine which natural latex mattresses to include in the top 5 list for 2019. Within the list, there is a fair representation of both hybrids (innerspring) and latex core mattresses.

The natural latex mattress brands and models that are featured can accommodate a large variety of sleepers from side sleepers to people with heavier body weights. There are many other excellent choices for non-toxic latex mattresses that might be an even better fit than the ones in this list. Please consult the “full spec” natural latex mattress chart to see every available online natural latex mattress in a side-by-side comparison chart.  You’ll also get to compare every possible mattress specification across different brands.

The determining factors for inclusion in the top 5 list were:

  • all-natural materials i.e. non-toxic, hypoallergenic, no VOC’s and no chemical fire retardants
  • overall customer satisfaction
  • quality to price ratio
  • amount of 3rd party certified natural materials used in construction


5 best latex mattresses for 2019 Interactive comparison chart

Sort the chart by clicking on Mattress Type and Thickness in the blue header section. Laptop/Desktop: use the slider bar at the bottom to see more specs on the right side of the chart. The columns from left to right are as follows: Manufacturer, Visual of Mattress, Check Latest Price and Thickness. If your screen is wide enough to accommodate all the columns, the slider will not appear. Mobile: Swipe left or drag the chart to the left to access more specifications.

ManufacturerVisual of mattressExclusive NMF Coupon CodesCheck latest
Cedar Natural Luxe
by Brentwood Home
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10" Natural Latex Mattress
by Spindle
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Luxury Bliss
by Plush Beds
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Natural Mattress
by Sleep EZ (7,9,10,13 inches)
Latex Core13
The Eco Terra Mattress
by Eco Terra
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In the following section, I give a brief overview of every mattress in the 5 best natural latex mattresses for 2019 list.

Cedar Natural Luxe by Brentwood Home

Side view of the Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe

The Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe is a 13-inch thick pillowtop latex foam mattress. The Cedar is a hybrid mattress that features both natural latex and fabric encased coils.

Overview: A luxurious and plush mattress

The Cedar Natural Luxe mattress by Brentwood Home has become the standard for those looking for a 100% natural latex mattress that offers all the comforts of a high-end pillowtop Sterns & Foster or Sealy mattress. With a 15-inch thickness and pillowtop design, this mattress is designed for side sleepers and all-around sleepers that like a softer feel.

The pillowtop of the Cedar Natural Luxe mattress is removable. Moving the mattress is easier because it can be moved it two parts.The Cedar Natural Luxe mattress is the epitome of luxury. Since the mattress is shipped directly from the Brentwood Home factory, there are no middle-man costs factored into the price. The result is a product that is more durable and of higher quality, all the while remaining very affordable.

Cedar mattress specifications

ManufacturerCedar Natural Luxe
by Brentwood Home
Latest Price
Mattress TypeHybrid
MaterialsOrganic cotton, New Zealand Wool, Alpaca Wool, Natural Latex, 5-zone Individually wrapped coils, coconut shell buttons.
FirmnessMedium plush
CertificationEco-INSTITUT® certified (latex),
GOLS (latex)
Oeko Tex (wool),
GOTS (cotton),
Greenguard Gold ( VOC testing)
Free Shipping
Free Returns
Trial 365 days
Warranty25-year limited
Queen80"L X 60"W X 11"H 120lbs (without topper)
80"L X 60"W X 14"H 156lbs (with 3" topper +36lbs)
Latest Price
ManufacturerCedar Natural Luxe
by Brentwood Home

Overall feel

Couple setting up the Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe with removable pillowtop.

The pillowtop layer of the Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe is removable. This makes moving the mattress easier since you can move it in two parts.

The Cedar Natural Luxe mattress is one of the plushest latex mattresses available online. As soft and luxurious as it may be, you won’t get the feeling that you are sinking into the mattress. Natural latex foam remains supportive even at lower densities. Some customers that were accustomed to a firmer mattress actually ended up preferring the Cedar Natural Luxe mattress over a firmer mattress after about a month, and would not want to change it for anything else.

What makes the Cedar Natural Luxe mattress so special?

Example of the Brentwood Home Cedar grooved and zoned Dunlop latex foam layer.

The Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe mattress has two latex layers. It has a flat Dunlop latex layer on the top and a grooved and zoned Dunlop latex layer on the bottom. These two latex foam layers rest on a coconut husk fiber pad and fabric encased coils.

A grooved Latex layer

This computer-designed latex foam layer has three separate firmness zones that offer your shoulders, back, and legs targeted support. Precision blades cut grooves into the latex foam layer and leave a rippled surface. When this layer is compressed under your body weight, it maximizes the pressure relief for your body and also attenuates motion. The dual latex layer configuration in the Cedar mattress minimizes partner disturbance.

Fabric encased coils

The fabric encased coils on the Cedar mattress are all individually wrapped. The fabric keeps the coils separate so that they don’t produce any noise. Since the coils are individual, they do not transfer motion from one side of the bed to the other.

Secuing the pillowtop of the Cedar Natural Luxe to the base using the coconut shell buttons and tabs.

The Cedar Natural Luxe comes with coconut shell button tabs to secure the pillowtop to the core mattress.


  • Latex: The latex is certified by Eco-INSTITUT®If you have made the decision to invest in a natural latex mattress, you need to be sure that the natural latex foam is genuine. The Eco-Institut certification guarantees that the latex foam is not blended with petrochemical-based synthetic latex.
  • Wool: the wool is certified by Oeko Tex. This guarantees that the wool is free of over 300 harmful substances.
  • Cotton: the cotton is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This certifies that the cotton is organic and hasn’t been treated with pesticides, herbicides or toxic chemicals during production.
  • Harmful Emissions: the mattress is certified by Greenguard Gold. This stringent certification guarantees that the mattress will not off-gas VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) into your living environment.

The pillowtop layer of the Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe is removable. This makes moving the mattress easier since you can move it in two parts.

What people are saying about the Cedar by Brentwood Home

Jennifer M. Feb 18th, 2019

Ecstatic Side Sleeper

After much price comparing, research, calls to companies and trying out many different mattresses, we chose the Cedar Natural Luxe by Brentwood Home. I am a side sleeper so I was looking for a mattress that catered specifically to my sleeping style. Recently, we have been working to eliminate chemicals from our daily lives so I was impressed with the absence of chemicals in any of the natural materials in the Cedar mattress. I was impressed with how Brentwood Home was making a conscious effort to create a safe, comfortable and luxurious mattress.

The latex mattress smell was a big concern for me. I was quite impressed when I couldn’t detect any smell in the Cedar Natural Luxe mattress. The customer experience was flawless and I highly enjoyed sleeping on my side AND back. I would like to thank Brentwood Home for enabling me to enjoy the best sleep of my life that is safe for me and my family.

Paraphrased from

Spindle Latex Mattress

The Spindle latex core (all-latex) mattress comes with a zippered cover so that you can access and switch around the latex layers to get different firmnesses.

The Spindle natural latex mattress includes a zippered cover which enables you to customize the firmness of the mattress.

Overview: A super comfy all-natural latex core mattress

Unlike the Cedar hybrid mattress by Brentwood Home, the Spindle latex mattress is a latex core mattress. It doesn’t have any spring coils in the base layer. Instead, the core of the mattress is made up of three 3-inch layers of Dunlop latex foam.

Each latex layer is zoned in three sections. The middle zone has larger ventilation holes, which provide more pressure relief to the hips and midsection. Additionally, the smooth side of every latex layer is slightly more dense than the side with the holes in it, so you can flip every layer over in order to tweak the mattress firmness.

Spindle Mattress Specifications

Manufacturer10" Natural Latex Mattress
by Spindle
latest price
Mattress typeLatex Core
MaterialsOrganic Cotton,
Dunlop Natural Latex.
Extra Firm
Queen60 X 79.5 X 10 inches 150 lbs.
CertificationOrganic Latex:
GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard)
USDA Organic
Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex Class I
Carbon Neutral latex manufacturing plant as certified by Control Union
Organic Wool
GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex Class I
Organic Cotton
GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
Free Returns
Free Shipping
Ships to Canada
Trial 365 days
Warranty10 year limited
Check Latest
Manufacturer10" Natural Latex Mattress
by Spindle

Overall Feel

The “continuous pour” Dunlop natural latex in the Spindle mattress offers exceptional support and pressure relief. And, since it is my current mattress, I have extensive knowledge about the actual feel of the mattress.

The Spindle contours your body so well that it seems like every curve is taken care of and given special attention. I had the layers arranged as medium, firm, and medium from top to bottom.

Before trying the Spindle, I preferred firmer mattresses. The Spindle felt a bit plusher than what I was used to but had an amazingly supportive feel. I didn’t feel like I was sinking into the mattress at all. It sort of felt like a waterbed, but without the waviness.

Now, I really love the restorative sleep surface that it provides and I can’t say enough good things about it.

The Spindle natural latex mattress without the cotton/wool zippered cover pictured here. Three 3-inch Dunlop latex foam layers make up the core of the mattress.

3 layers of varying firmnesses of Dunlop latex foam make up the core of the Spindle mattress. These layers are interchangeable.

What makes the Spindle mattress so special?

One word: customization. The Spindle mattress has a zippered cover which makes it customizable. If you want to adjust the firmness, just switch out the layers and get a completely different mattress feel. Just be careful not to tug at the latex layers when moving them. Latex foam is very durable in terms of compression, but, if you tug at it, you run the risk of tearing it. In order to move a latex layer off the bed, simply roll it up and move it aside.

Normally, this is a two person job, but if you are able and willing, you can move the latex layers by yourself. Just be careful not to injure your back while you’re moving the layers.


  • Latex: the latex is certified by Oeko-Tex 100, class I. This is a textile certification that ensures that the latex does not contain any toxic chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals or any other substance that is known to be harmful to health.

What people are saying about the Spindle mattress

Laura J.  July 18th, 2019

The Spindle mattress arrived at my doorstep about two weeks ago. I chose the Spindle after doing TONS of research and trying out several mattresses in stores. I’m an all-around sleeper, so memory foam wasn’t going to cut it for me. I didn’t want the feeling of sinking into the mattress every time I moved. I found a latex mattress in the store, but decided to compare prices online to see if I could find a more economical option that would still be high quality. I went with Spindle because they had a year-long sleep trial, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong. I ordered the soft firmness and it turned out to be perfect for my sleeping style. It is the perfect softness for sleeping on my side and back. I would buy again!

Paraphrased from

Luxury Bliss by Plush Beds

The Luxury bliss natural latex foam mattress by Plush Beds is a hybrid (innerspring) mattress.

Luxury Bliss by Plush Beds

Overview: a luxury mattress at a great price.

The Luxury Bliss by Plush Beds is a 12-inch thick hybrid latex mattress. Beneath the organic cotton and wool fire barrier is a medium-firm Dunlop latex comfort layer. The Dunlop latex foam provides most of the pressure relief and comfort that is needed for restorative sleep. The spring coils increase the pressure relief for the shoulders and hips and help minimize partner disturbance.

Luxury Bliss Mattress Specifications

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More economical than Brentwood Home but…

While being only an inch thinner than the Brentwood Home Cedar (13-inch), the Luxury Bliss is an economical choice in comparison. It is at least $400 less than the Brentwood Home Cedar, but then again, it is slightly simpler in design.

The Luxury Bliss has a single natural latex layer instead of two like the Brentwood Home Cedar, so you might expect less pressure relief depending on your bodyweight. If you are below 200-pounds, the latex thickness on the Luxury Bliss is sufficient. Cedar would be slight overkill in terms of pressure relief potential.

If you are above 200 pounds and enjoy a plush mattress, I suggest going with the Cedar by Brentwood Home. Additionally, the Luxury Bliss latex layer is flat and not zoned like the Brentwood Home is. That being said, the Luxury Bliss is a great option for someone that needs a natural latex mattress but does not need the most luxurious natural bed there is.

An attractive woman getting rejuvinating sleep on the Plush Beds Luxury Bliss mattress without being exposed to any of the toxic chemicals or fire retardants that are typically found in polyurethane mattresses.

The Luxury Bliss by Plush Beds comes in medium and medium-firm.

Overall Feel

The Luxury Bliss by Plush Beds comes in medium-firm and can be specially ordered in medium as well. Customers have reported that it works wonders for alleviating back and neck pain.

The natural Dunlop latex that makes up the comfort layer of the Luxury Bliss is known to offer excellent pressure relief.  Combine this with the motion attenuation of the spring coils and the Luxury Bliss has the potential to offer you the best sleep of your life!

What makes the luxury bliss so special?

The Luxury Bliss combines the perfect thickness of Dunlop latex with the buoyant support of fabric encased coils. The Luxury Bliss is a deluxe natural mattress without being overly costly.

The Luxury Bliss is among some of the thickest mattresses, yet the price is much lower than what you would pay for similar natural latex mattresses.

Certified from top to bottom

One of the defining factors of the Luxury Bliss is that it is third-party certified from top to bottom. Not only is it free from chemicals and VOC’s but the purchase of the materials helps support organic, sustainable and local industries around the world.


  • USDA Organic: certifies that the cotton cover is organic
  • GOLS: certifies that the 3-inch Dunlop latex layer is organic.
  • OEKO-Tex Standard 100: Certifies that the materials are hypoallergenic.
  • Eco-Institut: certifies that the mattress is free of harmful gasses and chemical allergens.
  • GOTS Organic: certifies that the textiles used within the mattress are manufactured by following environmental and social guidelines.
  • Eco Wool: certifies that the wool is farmed and harvested in a sustainable way. It is processed in such a way as to make it as hypoallergenic as possible.

What people are saying about the Luxury Bliss by Plush Beds

Julie S. Nov 25th, 2017

Finally, a mattress that we can sleep on! I highly recommend this mattress! After a negative experience with another company, we were hesitant to buy a mattress online. My husband has experienced a lack of sleep in the last few years because of back and neck injuries.

We were specifically looking for a hybrid mattress (coils + latex) that didn’t break the bank. We found what we were looking for in the luxury bliss. Our first night of sleep on it was indeed blissful. The mattress is sturdy. The spring coils do not make any audible sound and the motion transfer is minimal to none. The ordering process was a breeze and the mattress was delivered to my front door sooner than expected.

Paraphrased from

Natural Mattress by Sleep EZ

The Natural Latex Mattress by Sleep EZ set up on a wooden bed frame in a room that has a brick wall

The Natural Latex Mattress by Sleep Easy is available in 7,9,10,13 inch thicknesses


The Natural Mattress by Sleep Ez is a customizable latex core mattress. This means that the core of the mattress doesn’t have any spring coils. Instead, it has several layers of latex stacked on top of each other. It has a zippered cover, which gives you access to the inside of the mattress. This feature is more commonly available on latex core mattresses. The Spindle mattress and the Natural Mattress by Sleep EZ are the only two mattresses in this top 5 list that have a zippered cover.

The Natural mattress by Sleep EZ is a fantastic option for someone that may want to customize the firmness of their mattress further down the road. However, if your body weight is over 250-pounds, I suggest going with a hybrid mattress like the Cedar and Luxury Bliss as these models can handle more body weight without bottoming out.

Sleep EZ Natural Mattress Specifications

ManufacturerNatural Mattress
by Sleep EZ (7,9,10,13 inches)
Latest Price

Comes with
2 FREE pillows+
free mattress protector.
Mattress TypeLatex Core
MaterialsCotton cover,
Joma wool batting,
100% natural Dunlop latex or
Blended Talalay
Split firmness available
CertificationOeko-TEX Standard 100
Joma Wool
Free Shipping
Free Returns
Trial 90 days
Warranty10 year limited
Queen60 X 80 X (7,9,10,13 inches)
Latest Price

Comes with
2 FREE pillows+
free mattress protector.
ManufacturerNatural Mattress
by Sleep EZ (7,9,10,13 inches)

Combines two types of latex for the ultimate sleep experience

The Sleep Ez Natural Mattress combines two different types of natural latex to provide you with the ultimate sleep surface. The Talalay manufacturing process involves a few additional steps in order to stabilize the air bubbles within the foam during the curing process. The end result is foam with a more consistent and softer feel. Note that the Talalay in the Sleep EZ natural mattress is made of blended foam, meaning that it contains some synthetic ingredients of petrochemical nature. So, if you want a 100% natural mattress, stick with the Dunlop foam option.

A cross cut visual representation of the Sleep Ez Natural Mattress which shows three layers of latex foam stacked on top of each other which may be split into different firmneses for the two sides of the mattress

The Natural Mattress by Sleep EZ is available in Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra-Firm and Split firmnesses. The natural latex layers can also be split on certain mattress sizes in order to get two sides of varying firmnesses.

What makes the Natural Mattress by Sleep EZ?

This mattress takes the cake in terms of customizability. It is also the only mattress in the Best Latex Mattresses for 2019 list that features Talalay latex, a type of latex foam known for providing a softer, more consistent feel. Not only is the Sleep EZ Natural Mattress available in several firmnesses, but it is also available in different thicknesses (7, 9, 10, 13 inches).  This allows you to save money while selecting the mattress thickness that is appropriate for your bodyweight.

If you are a lighter person, say below 150-pounds, you do not need the thickest mattress option, because your body weight will only be compressing the top layer of the mattress.

Check out the Sleep Ez Natural Mattress page to “build” your next mattress. You’ll be amazed at how much you can configure this mattress to your liking. You can even have a “split” configuration on certain mattress sizes for two different firmnesses for you and your partner. Additionally, you get two free natural latex pillows and a non-toxic mattress protector with your purchase!


  • Oeko-TEX Standard 100this certification ensures that the latex does not contain any toxic chemicals or chemicals that could adversely affect your health in the long term.
  • Joma Woolthis certification ensures that the wool used in the fire barrier layer is harvested ethically and sustainably. The wool is thoroughly cleaned and is hypoallergenic. It is a great option for people who are allergic to down or synthetic bedding.

What people are saying about the Natural Mattress by Sleep EZ

Elizabeth H.  Feb 22nd, 2019

If you are seriously considering replacing your old polyurethane mattress, I highly recommend Sleep EZ. After having to return 2 inner spring mattresses, we decided on the customizeable Natural Mattress from Sleep Ez. This was our best decision ever! You can switch out the inner layers and even have your own firmness on one side of the bed. This is great for couples that can’t agree on a mattress firmness. I saw a similar mattress at a local store for a $1000 more.

The purchasing experience and customer support was amazing! I called in to confirm my order and they were very nice and helpful. I can’t say how amazing this mattress company is!

Paraphrased from

The Eco Terra Mattress by Eco Terra

A woman lies on the Eco Terra mattress which features a 3-inch layer of Talalay latex foam and a fabric encased spring coil system.

The Eco Terra mattress is an 11-inch hybrid natural latex mattress. It is the most economical mattress in this lineup and has an unbeatable quality to price ratio.


The Eco Terra Mattress is a hybrid (innerspring coils) natural latex mattress that is a great option for those on a budget.

The core of the mattress is made of a base layer of fabric encased coils on top of which rests a 3-inch layer of natural Talalay latex. The cover is made of organic cotton and encases the wool fire barrier.

The fabric encased coil layer provides support, motion isolation and airflow. Since every coil is independent, there is no “roll together” sensation as with interlinked coil systems.

Note that the Eco Terra Mattress does not come with handles. Moving the mattress using sewn-in handles would cause a lot of stress on the fabric, and make it prone to tearing.

Eco Terra Mattress specifications

ManufacturerThe Eco Terra Mattress
by Eco Terra
Latest Price
Mattress TypeHybrid
MaterialsOrganic cotton,
wool fire barrier,
3" Talalay latex,
fabric encased coils made of 16 Gauge USA Steel.
FirmnessMedium or Medium-Firm
CertificationGOTS Cotton, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 latex and wool.
Free Shipping
Free Returns
Trial 90 Nights
Warranty15-year limited warranty
Queen60 x 80 x 11 - 100 lbs.
Latest Price
ManufacturerThe Eco Terra Mattress
by Eco Terra
Edge support coils for the Eco Terra hybrid innerspring natural latex mattress.

The Eco Terra mattress uses the Legett & Platt Quantum Edge coil system

Quantum Edge coil system

The “Quantum Edge” spring system reinforces the edge of the mattress.  With this system, you won’t get the feeling that you are rolling off the mattress when sleeping close to the edge.

The reinforced perimeter also provides a steady sitting surface for getting dressed, tying shoes etc. Another advantage of hybrid mattresses is that they sleep cooler than foam core mattresses. Fabric encased coils contain a lot of airspace in comparison to foam. This makes for better temperature regulation if you have a tendency to overheat at night.


Overall feel

The EcoTerra Mattress is available in a medium or medium-firm. Most people are satisfied with the medium firmness, especially if they are side-sleepers. The medium-firm is perfect for back sleepers and those that like a firmer feel.

If you are interested in getting the Eco Terra mattress but you aren’t 100% sure that you will like it, you needn’t worry, because you are covered by Eco Terra’s 90-night sleep trial. That’s a full three months!

But, like with any mattress, you need to take some time to get used to it. Give yourself at least two weeks to determine if it’s the right mattress for you.

What makes the Eco Terra mattress so special?

This is THE lowest priced all-natural mattress in my top 5 list for 2019. At 11-inches in thickness, it is worth every penny, and customers report that the quality is outstanding.

The Eco Terra Latex Mattress is even priced lower than the thinnest Sleep EZ mattress (7-inches).

The Eco Terra mattress is non-reversible and not customizable, however, you can’t beat the price and comfort when comparing to other mattresses in this top 5 list.


  • GOTS: The Global Organic Textile Standard certifies that the cotton is organic.
  • OEKO-TEX: Standard 100: certifies that the latex and wool do not contain any toxic or harmful substances, whether they are regulated or not.

What people are saying about the Eco Terra mattress.

Bryce W. Feb 19th, 2019

Very Impressed!

After my first week of sleeping on the Eco Terra mattress I have realized that the medium-firm was the right choice for my bad back. The latex smell that I expected was not bad at all and went away within a few hours. I am very happy with the edge firmness and the quality of the mattress surpassed my expectations. The few nights of sleep I’ve had on it so far were blissful. Paraphrased from


You might have come to the realization that it’s time to replace that sagging, toxic and off-gassing polyurethane mattress with a natural latex mattress that is non-toxic, better for your spinal alignment and is 3 times more durable. If you want to avoid mulling over the myriad of choices out there, check out the list of the top 5 natural latex mattresses for 2019. Use the list to guide you in making an informed decision and a long-term investment for your health. Quality sleep is everything and you deserve to sleep on nature’s finest. Go to and type 2019 into the search bar to learn about the 5 best natural latex mattresses for 2019.

There are many more natural latex mattresses to choose from, and you can check them all out by picking up my “full-spec” natural latex mattress comparison chart.

Ultimately, if you are set on getting an all-natural latex mattress, every mattress on this list top 5 natural latex mattresses is a great choice.

Below you will find my suggestions for the best natural latex mattress based on common search criteria.

Latex mattresses for people with 210-pound bodyweight and above: I suggest a hybrid mattress (innerspring)

Side sleeper latex mattress: 

Hybrid (Innerspring) latex mattress:

Latex core (innerspring) mattresses: