The best mattress for overweight people is one that is able to withstand the added stress of increased compression.  A heavy body weight puts more stress on the components. The spring coil layer and foam comfort layers can fail prematurely if they cannot withstand repeated compression. That’s why the best mattresses for overweight people are both durable and comfortable. You don’t want a mattress that will start to sag after a few months of use.

The best mattresses for overweight people are made with natural latex foam. Natural latex foam is much more durable than polyurethane foam and can last up to 3X longer. I have come across a video of a 50-year-old natural latex mattress that showed no signs of sagging or indentations. Natural latex mattresses are the best mattresses for overweight people because they won’t sag or develop indentations like polyurethane mattresses.

Polyurethane simply doesn’t last

The best mattresses for overweight people don't sag over time.

This is a relatively new looking hybrid mattress that has developed monstrous valleys. The comfort layers are made with polyurethane, which is prone to sagging. Natural latex does not sag in like polyurethane, even when used by a heavy person.

Polyurethane foam (gel foam, memory foam etc.) is the most commonly used foam in the mattress manufacturing industry. It looks great and is comfortable at first but, in some cases, it can fail very rapidly.

The tendency of manufacturers that use polyurethane is to create a lofty looking quilted pillowtop. This is like eye candy for the buyer, as the surface looks light and comfortable. However, low-density foam can fail within a very short period of time.

Test your mattress for indentations by putting a straight edge across the surface. A shower pole or broomstick can be used to take the measurement.

Typically, the top layer of such pillowtop mattresses are made with very low-density polyurethane foam, that tends to sag, sometimes after a few months of use. Dips and indentations in the mattress can lead to uncomfortable sleep, and joint & muscle pain.

The best mattress for an overweight person must not only be comfortable and supportive but also durable. So if you are in this weight category, we suggest ruling out mattresses with a polyurethane comfort layer, because they are prone to developing indentations and body impressions within the first few years of use.

What weight is considered heavyweight?

In order to determine if you are overweight, you can calculate your BMI (body mass index). If your BMI is 30 or higher, you fall into the obese range. The CDC provides a BMI calculator.

A high BMI might not mean that you are a heavyweight person. In boxing, 200 pounds or over is considered heavyweight. As for mattress type selection,  if you are 230 pounds or above, we recommend selecting a mattress from the hybrid (spring coils) category. An all-latex mattress (no spring coils) is also a good option, but it needs to be at least 12″ inches in thickness to be able to withstand the increased compression without bottoming out.

Factors That Make A Good Mattress For Heavy People

  1. Durability
  2. Thickness
  3. Hybrid construction (spring coils + natural latex comfort layer).
  4. Breathability
  5. Edge support
  6. Zoned layers
  7. No toxic VOCs or fire-retardant chemicals

Best Mattresses For Overweight Person

Model &
Visual of mattressCheck latest priceMattress
The Eden Pillowtop Mattress
by Eden
The Idle Latex (2-sided 13")
by Idle Sleep
Hybrid 13Read the full review
Luxury Bliss
by Plush Beds
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Hybrid12Read the full review
Hybrid Latex Mattress
by Brentwood Home
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Cedar Natural Luxe
by Brentwood Home
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Hybrid14Read the full review.
Serenity Spring
by Savvy Rest
Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress
by Awara
Avocado Green with pillow top
by Avocado Green

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Hybrid13Read the full review.
Vegan Pillowtop
by Avocado
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Select Sleep Hybrid
by Sleep EZ
(2-in-1 flippable mattress)
Natural Mattress
by Sleep EZ (7,9,10,13 inches)
Latex Core13
Organic Mattress
by Sleep EZ (7,9,10,13 inches)
Latex Core13

Criteria for Choosing the best mattress for heavy people

1. Durability

Latex mattresses have the longest lifespan among all other types of mattresses. The resiliency of the natural latex foam comfort layer and the wool fire barrier are two factors that give these types of mattresses such amazing longevity.

A natural latex mattress will typically last 20-25 years, whereas a polyurethane mattress will last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. Because of the low-density foam and synthetic fibre that is used in the top layer of some polyurethane mattresses, some will start to sag in as little as 12 months. While the spring layer and cover may still be good, the comfort foam layer is what fails first and thereby compromising the comfort and support of the entire mattress.

The best mattress for overweight people is the one that will last the longest. This is the most important criterion because the extra weight puts more wear and tear on the components of the mattress and it is likely to wear out sooner if the materials low-quality. Since natural latex mattresses can outlast their polyurethane counterparts by up to 3X, it is the natural choice for a heavy person.

2. Thickness

If you are over 230 pounds, a 12″ natural latex mattress will have enough padding to remain comfortable. If the mattress is not thick enough to accommodate a heavy person, it is likely to achieve maximum compression, or “bottom out” and lose breathability and pressure relief.

If you are in the 300+ pound range, we recommend a 14″  natural latex mattress like the Cedar Natural Luxe by Brentwood Home, the 2- Sided Natural Dunlop Latex Hybrid by Idle Sleep, Select Sleep Hybrid by Sleep EZ and the Hybrid Latex Slumber System by Luma.

3. Hybrid Construction

There are two main types of natural latex mattresses: all-latex core and hybrid. The best mattresses for a heavy person is composed of a base layer of spring coils on which is stacked one or more layers of natural latex comfort foam.

The spring coils can withstand more compression force than a latex core without bottoming out. It will relieve pressure and remain breathable under heavy compression.

4. Breathability

Natural latex has open cells which make it very breathable.

More heavyweight people complain about overheating during sleep than average-weight people. Materials like polyurethane and polyester that are present in conventional mattresses trap heat. Also, there is nothing cooling about “cooling gel foam” except for the cool blue colour.

Polyurethane foam has closed cells that trap heat and humidity.

Natural latex foam has breathable qualities thanks to the open cells that form when it is cured. This enables excess heat and humidity to circulate away from your body and dissipate.

5. Edge Support

A high-quality spring coil layer will have higher gauge coils around the perimeter of the mattress. Good edge support is important for the following reasons:

  1. Sleeping close to the edge: Avoid getting the sensation that you will fall off the bed when you are sleeping close to the side of the bed.
  2. Sitting on the mattress: When you sit on the edge of the mattress when you get out of bed or putting your shoes on etc, you will experience less sinkage.
  3. Moving: Natural latex mattresses with a reinforced perimeter will maintain their shape during moving and will have less tendency to fold over.

Quantum edge coils have a reinforced perimeter.

6. Zoned layers

The weight of the human body is not equally distributed across its length. That’s why it is important to have coils that are gauged to provide optimal support for the different parts of the body.

Additionally, the body has natural curves where excessive pressure can be felt if the mattress is inadequate. For many heavy people, pain points can start to develop in the shoulders and hips if the mattress is not supportive. Side sleepers need extra pressure relief because the bodyweight is more concentrated when sleeping in the side position.

The Avocado Standard and Vegan mattresses as well as the Cedar Natural Luxe have a 5-zone coil unit. The coils act independently to offer the optimal support for the neck, hips and shoulders.

The Cedar Natural Luxe features a 5-zone coil layer to provide optimal support for your hips and shoulders.

7. No toxic VOCs or Fire-Retardant Chemicals

Materials like polyurethane foam, polyester fabric, polyester fibre, glues, dyes and fire-retardant chemicals all off-gas VOCs into your home environment. The level of VOCs is higher when the mattress is new. VOC’s can adversely affect your health.

The safer and healthier route is to select a 3rd party certified natural latex mattress so that you avoid polluting your home environment with airborne toxic chemicals.

Best Mattresses For Overweight People Compared

Luxury Bliss by Plush Beds – 3rd Party Certified From Top To Bottom

The Luxury Bliss is  flagship hybrid natural latex mattress from Plush Beds.


  • Available in medium and medium-firm.
  • 12″ spring coil layer, natural latex and wool support.
  • Certified by Greenguard Gold, USDA Organic (cotton, latex), GOLS, OEKO-Tex Standard 100, Eco-Institut, GOTS Organic, Eco Wool.
  • 100-night sleep trial.
  • 25-year limited warranty.
  • Affordable price.

The support and motion isolation of fabric-encased coils provide the comfort needed for plus-sized people looking for a natural alternative to polyurethane. If 3rd party certifications are important to you, then the Luxury Bliss has a lot to offer, because it is 3rd-party certified from top to bottom and features organic latex and organic cotton.

What sets it apart? While not all natural latex foam is 3rd party certified, the 3″ layer of Dunlop latex in the Luxury Bliss is. Not only is it durable and resistant to sagging and indentations, but is also certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). Products and components that carry the GOLS certification follow mandatory social and environmental regulations. The consumer that purchases a GOLS certified product supports sustainable agriculture and manufacturing.

Hybrid Latex Mattress by Brentwood Home

Environmental Responsibility And Recycled Materials


  • Zoned latex layer for targeted pressure-relief.
  • A flaxseed fibre pad, denim base layer, and recycled steel coils make a truly green mattress.
  • 975 supportive coils built to handle heavy weight.
  • Competitively priced.

The Hybrid Latex Mattress by Brentwood Home represents a paradigm shift regarding the use of durable construction materials without sacrificing comfort and quality. At the core of the mattress, the ActivEdge™ Quantum® Edge Coil Unit is made up of individually wrapped coils made to withstand the demands of a heavier than average person. The 8-inch coil layer in the Queen size Hybrid Latex Mattress by Brentwood Home has a total of 789 coils. The ActivEdge™ reinforced perimeter coils eliminate the rolling off sensation when you’re sleeping close to the side.

Why consider this mattress? 

If you are under 330 pounds and want to make a positive difference for the environment through your purchase, then the Hybrid Latex Mattress by Brentwood Home will meet your criteria. Fibres derived from denim sourced from the cutting scraps during the original manufacturing process make up the base layer pad. REPREVE® fibre, derived from plastic bottles, makes up the cover fabric and handles. Additionally, the Hybrid Latex Mattress is free of chemical flame retardants, and polyurethane foams, and it is backed by a 365-day trial period.

Cedar Natural Luxe by Brentwood Home

A Luxury Organic Latex Mattress


  • 3-zone latex layer
  • GOLS certified
  • Eco-conscious materials
  • Handcrafted in Southern California

The Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe is a luxury natural latex mattress for those looking for an eco-conscious bed. At 14″ inches in thickness with the added topper, it can accommodate the 300+pound weight category. The medium-firm feel is perfect for back sleepers and side sleepers and the 5-zone innerspring coil unit is made to handle the most demanding compression. The coils in the lumbar region are reinforced and provide a delicate balance between support and pressure relief.

Why is it included in the list?

The 14″ inch Cedar Natural Luxe can provide comfort while heavily compressed and remain breathable and comfortable. When mattress materials are compressed, they lose breathability. In order to accommodate a heavy person and not lose breathability and pressure relief, the mattress must have a coil layer and be thicker than average. The Cedar Natural Luxe is not only a thick natural latex mattress, it is a luxury mattress. The alpaca wool, sheep’s wool, 3-zone latex layer, 5-zone coil layer and coconut husk support layer are combined to provide a cloud-like sleeping surface so you can get the rejuvenating sleep that you deserve.

Serenity Spring by Savvy Rest

Customizable & made in the USA.


  • Made to order in the USA.
  • Customizable coil firmness.
  • 12″ in thickness.
  • GOLS certified.

Throughout this list, hybrid mattresses (innerspring) coils are recommended for heavy people because the coils can handle much more compression than all-foam mattresses and still remain breathable. The one downside of hybrid mattresses at the time of purchase is that they are not very customizable. You typically get a choice of medium or firm, if the choice is even available.

The Serenity Spring presents many more possibilities for those searching for the best mattress for overweight people. You get the choice between:

  • Soft Talalay, soft Dunlop and medium Dunlop latex foam.
  • Plush springs, firm springs or split soft/firm springs.

Why did it make the list?

The choice of split configurations in the Serenity Spring enables couples to each have their own firmness. And thanks to the zippered cover, the mattress can be customized at home. You can swap the components to fine-tune it if you are unsatisfied with the firmness.

Organic Luxury Hybrid by Awara

Supportive sleep throughout the night.


  • Organic cotton cover.
  • 4″ Natural latex layer.
  • 9″ Support coil layer.
  • 365-day trial.

The Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid can accommodate very heavy bodyweights thanks to its 13″ thickness. The 9″ individually wrapped coil layer is robust enough to withstand higher than average compression and still remain breathable. The mattress components are free of formaldehyde, phthalates and toxic VOCs that are present in conventional polyurethane mattresses.

Why did it make the cut?

Ordering a mattress online sight unseen and receiving it at your doorstep in a box may cause some uneasiness. It is a large investment to make without seeing and testing the mattress in person prior to purchase. Awara is so sure that you will get transformative and rejuvenating sleep on the Latex Hybrid Mattress that you get to try it out for a full year before committing. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, all you have to do it let Awara know that it is not right for you.

Avocado Green With Pillowtop by Avocado

Available as standard or Vegan (wool free)


  • GOLS certified.
  • GOTS certified cotton cover.
  • Wool free option. (Avocado Vegan).
  • Hand-tufted.
  • 5-Zone coil unit.

The best mattresses for overweight people are designed with an emphasis on the coil unit because it is the component of the mattress that will take the brunt of the compression pressure. That’s why Avocado‘s coil unit is made up of 1414 pocketed support coils for the queen model. The coil unit has five zones that offer just the right amount of support and pressure relief where you need it most. This is important for side sleepers and all-around sleepers. When sleeping on your side, your body weight is more concentrated around the hips and shoulders. Avocado‘s coil unit is engineered to alleviate hip and shoulder pressure while contouring your natural curves and isolating motion.

Why did we include it? 

The Avocado Pillowtop & Vegan models are slightly firmer than most of the beds in this list of the best mattresses for overweight people. It is rated as a 6/10, so it is slightly firmer than “medium” with the pillowtop option. At 13″ inches in thickness, it is built to support heavyweight people, and still provide breathability and supreme comfort.

Secondly, the option of having a wool-free natural latex mattress like the Avocado Vegan is important. Whether it be for animal rights or allergy considerations, the Vegan option is available. The wool is replaced with cotton and hydrated silica acts as a fire barrier.

The Idle Latex by Idle Sleep

A luxury 14″ 2-sided mattress.


  • 3″ Dunlop latex on top and bottom.
  • Possibility of one side medium, other side firm.
  • GOLS certified.
  • 18-month sleep trial.

The Idle Latex is one of the best mattresses for overweight people because at 14″, it is among the thickest mattresses featured on This means that it can withstand increased compression without losing breathability and support. There was a time when all mattresses were flippable because they were deemed to last longer. This trend was discontinued by most mattress manufacturers so that they could save on the cost of materials. Idle sleep brought the flippable mattress back. Not only do you get a longer-lasting mattress, but you also have the possibility of having one side medium and the other side firm.

Why did we include it?

I have had the opportunity to try The Idle Latex for a few months now and I am very impressed with it. The quilted cotton/wool top layer has button tufting and deep grooves that make for an ultra buoyant feeling comfort layer. The 3″ Dunlop latex layer is supportive and relieves pressure, especially when sleeping on my side. I’m light and somewhat skinny, so I don’t cause the mattress to compress too much, but I can feel the sturdiness of the spring coils. I have no issues with overheating or sleeping too hot when sleeping on the Idle Latex.

Select Sleep Hybrid by Sleep EZ

2-in-1 flippable mattress


  • 8″ pocketed coil layer.
  • Reinforced edge pocketed coils.
  • Flippable 2-sided comfort.
  • Affordable.

Not only is the Select Sleep Hybrid a flippable mattress with two firmnesses on each side (medium-plush and firm) but it features one of the highest quality coil units available: the Bolsa ComforCore Coils with Quantum Edge. These coils are heat-treated and stress relieved, so they will hold their shape over time. These coils are all independent of one another so as to minimize partner disturbance. They conform to every curve of your body so that all areas get personalized attention.

Why did we include it?

The affordability of the 14″ Select Sleep Hybrid is one of the most noteworthy aspects of this mattress. With such thickness, it is made to accommodate higher than average compression. The flippable, dual-firmness design means that you can opt for a firmer or plusher feel by simply flipping it over.

Hybrid Latex Slumber System by Luma

Unmatched Comfort And Support

  • 100-night risk-free trial.
  • Free Delivery & returns.
  • Free comfort exchange.
  • 15-year warranty.

The Hybrid Latex Slumber System by Luma features two layers of natural latex foam. A 3″ pillowtop layer and a 2″ transition layer rest on an 8″ zoned coil layer to provide excellent support and comfort for heavyweight people. At 14.5″ in total thickness, it is built to support heavy bodyweights while remaining breathable. The Hybrid Latex Slumber System does feature a 1″ Certi Pur high-density base foam under the coil layer, but since it is there as a buffer between the coils and the bottom cover,  it does not influence the breathability or durability of the mattress. Sagging and indentations generally occur when low-density polyurethane is used in the top layers of the mattress.

What’s special about this bed? 

As Luma‘s thickest mattress, it has the most Dunlop latex foam out of any mattress on this list. The 2-inch comfort layer and 3-inch pillowtop make a total of 5-inches of Dunlop latex. Since the pillowtop layer is independent of the rest of the mattress, it can easily be exchanged for one of differing firmness.

Luma offers some extras with the Hybrid Latex Slumber System which include two free Talalay latex pillows and an allergy-free mattress protector.


Learning about the guidelines for choosing the best mattress for heavy people will help cut down on the selection time.

Here are some criteria you should look out for when choosing a mattress for a heavy person:

  • Natural latex foam for high durability.
  • Thickness of 12″ or over.
  • Hybrid construction: coils can handle more weight than an all-foam core and still remain breathable.
  • Breathability: natural latex and wool are more breathable than polyurethane. The coil layer has many air pockets that help dissipate heat and humidity.
  • Edge support: coil units with reinforced perimeters help eliminate the rolling off sensation when sleeping close to the edge of the bed. A reinforced perimeter also adds stability when sitting on the edge of the bed.