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The Spindle natural latex mattress is a testament to quality craftsmanship. It is made with the most resilient natural materials in the mattress industry.

Spindle is one of the best latex mattress brands in the online marketplace. Spindle is a green mattress company that is committed to using what works. The Spindle natural latex mattress is made with Dunlop natural latex. Dunlop latex foam will last at least 4x longer than polyurethane foam.

Ethically sheared wool from the Woolgatherers Carding Mill in California makes up the fire barrier. UL fire-resistant standards are met without the use of toxic and carcinogenic fire-retardant chemicals. The mattress is covered with a soft and durable GOTS certified organic cotton cover that is quilted together with the wool layer.

What I like about Spindle is that the company does not try to impress you with flashy advertising or an overly luxurious-looking product. Their value proposition is more about providing a mattress that is made with the best time-tested materials at a reasonable price. When looking at the Spindle mattress, you might find that it is a pretty ordinary-looking mattress. But, what really counts in this case is the durability, the absence of chemicals and the customization possibilities of the natural latex mattress.

One of the problems of super plush-looking name-brand mattresses and beds like Serta, Simmons, and Tempurpedic is that the quilted pillow top is made with lightweight ultra-low density foam. The bed will look super plush and luxurious in the beginning, but as the foam starts losing its ability to regain its shape, the mattress will begin to sag. This results in body impressions, sagging, dips, and valleys. With the Spindle, you needn’t worry about the durability of the foam. It will last at least 4x longer than any polyurethane mattress. Check out my video report of a 50-year old Dunlop latex mattress to see how well natural latex stands up over time.


Manufacturer10" Natural Latex Mattress
by Spindle
latest price
Mattress typeLatex Core
MaterialsOrganic Cotton,
Dunlop Natural Latex.
Extra Firm
Queen60 X 79.5 X 10 inches 150 lbs.
CertificationOrganic Latex:
GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard)
USDA Organic
Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex Class I
Carbon Neutral latex manufacturing plant as certified by Control Union
Organic Wool
GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex Class I
Organic Cotton
GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
Free Returns
Free Shipping
Ships to Canada
Trial 365 days
Warranty10 year limited
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Manufacturer10" Natural Latex Mattress
by Spindle

About the Spindle Mattress Review

Spindle, a Massachusetts company run by 4th generation mattress maker Neal Van Patten, was generous enough to send me a sample product for a Spindle mattress review!

The mattress shipped out quickly, and it arrived at my house in three separate boxes. All the boxes were labelled with the firmness (medium or firm) of every latex foam layer, so putting the mattress together was straightforward.

Spindle mattress review

1. Organic Cotton Circular Knit Fabric that is GOTS Certified and knitted in a South Carolina facility. 2. Organic Wool Batting that is Oeko-Tex Certified, GOTS Certified and carded in California 3. Organic Dunlop Latex is Oeko-Tex Certified, GOLS Certified, GOTS Certified and manufactured in Sri Lanka. The Spindle natural latex mattress features three 3-inch layers of Dunlop latex foam. You can switch around the latex layers to obtain a different firmness. The Spindle mattress is pictured here with a cross-section of the cotton and wool cover.


Latex foam layers

The Spindle mattress features three 3-inch layers of continuous pour Dunlop latex. Most people order the medium firmness from Spindle. The “medium” firmness means that Spindle will send you two medium firmness latex foam layers and one firm latex foam layer. The firm latex foam layer will go on the bottom and the two medium latex foam layers will go on top.

The Spindle mattress features three 3-inch layers of Dunlop natural latex foamThere are some customization options available to you even within the same “medium” firmness mattress. For example, you could place the firm latex foam layer as the second layer from the bottom. This configuration would create a firmer sleep surface in comparison to the firm-medium-medium configuration.

Additionally, since the Dunlop foam is denser on one side of each layer, the individual layers can be flipped over to achieve a slightly different firmness. The side with the holes will be denser than the smooth side, so if you want a slightly firmer feel, try positioning the latex layer with the holes facing up.

Spindle labels the latex layers with a “medium” or “firm” sticker as well as a “this side up” sticker. This makes the setup process much easier and helps you to avoid mistakes during the setup.

Spindle mattress latex layers

The Dunlop latex foam layers are each put into a zippered cotton cover to make them easier to move.

The Spindle mattress is made with natural latex that is provided by the Latex Green company.

Is the assembly of the Spindle mattress complicated and time-consuming?

Well, if you consider that I was able to move the queen mattress to the location and assemble it myself using only a dolly and a pair of scissors, I would say that the assembly is fairly easy. If you are fit and able to lift heavy items, the assembly is doable by yourself. However, if have trouble lifting heavy items, you will need to arrange for someone to assist you with the assembly. You may also have to make arrangements to have someone assemble it for you.

Ideally, the Spindle mattress assembly requires at least two people.

Spindle mattress latex layer with cover

Each 3-inch layer of the Spindle latex mattress is encased in a cotton cover.

How to assemble the mattress

All you will need for the assembly is a pair of scissors and some elbow grease. You will need a dolly if you have to move the Spindle latex mattress over a long distance because the boxes are quite heavy.

Open the box with the latex mattress cover in it first. Unroll the cover and open the zipper. Remove the wool/cotton mattress cover and make sure that the side that has the tallest contour material goes on the bottom. The contour portion is about 9 inches wide for the bottom half. The other half of the cover has a shorter contour material. This half of the cover goes on top. The contour material will protect the latex against snags from the zipper.

It is important to not mix up the two parts of the cover and put the wrong side on the bottom. If you mix them up, you will have to start all over again. The components of the Spindle natural latex mattress are quite heavy. This may be seen as one of the “disadvantages” of the Spindle latex mattress. In my humble opinion, it just means that the components are made of high-quality materials that will last for decades.

The 3-inch Dunlop latex layers will be slightly larger than the dimension of the cotton and wool mattress cover. This is so that the mattress will have a nice snug fit once it is assembled. Center the three latex layers as best you can and zip the two parts of the cover together.

You get access to the inner layers of the Spindle mattress thanks to the zippered cover.

Getting the right firmness

Spindle does a great job of labelling all of the layers to make assembly as easy a possible. Each latex layer is labelled with the firmness and a “this side up” sticker.

The Spindle latex mattress layers have a smooth side and a side with holes. The smooth side is slightly less dense (larger air bubbles) and is a bit plusher than the side with holes in it. I went with what Spindle suggested, except for the top layer where I put the holes facing up. I like a slightly firmer feel, so this setup was perfect for me.

If you order a “medium-firm” firmness mattress, the latex foam layers should be arranged as follows:

From top to bottom:

    • Medium Dunlop latex foam (smooth side up)
    • Medium Dunlop latex foam (smooth side up)
    • Firm Dunlop latex foam (smooth side up)

You are free to set up the latex foam layers any way you choose. The customizability is one of the biggest advantages of this mattress. With minimal time and effort, you can get a brand new feel for your natural latex mattress.

Handle Natural Latex Foam With Care

Some precautions are needed in order to safely move the natural Dunlop latex foam layers of the Spindle mattress.

  1. Moving the foam layer more than 4 feet: roll up the latex foam layer together with the cover as tight as you can. Use the Spindle mattress cover to protect the mattress from snagging on anything. The slightest snag will cause the latex to tear. Simply roll up the layer while it is enveloped in the cover and the latex layer will be protected.
  2. Moving less than 4 feet: for small adjustments to the latex layer position, simply create a wave by briskly pulling the latex up and down again with a slight forward or backward motion. The latex foam will inch its way forward to the desired position.
  3. Moving the entire mattress: not recommended unless you are at least 4 strong people. Since the Spindle is a latex foam core mattress, it has less internal structure than a hybrid or coil mattress. So, it will flop around if you try to move it by yourself. It can potentially be moved, but I recommend having at least 4 strong people to move it. You would also need a mattress mover’s strap to lift the mattress without grabbing at the sides. Grabbing the mattress could potentially cause a tear in the latex foam. Note that the queen size weighs 150 pounds which is quite heavy.

This mattress is non-reversible. If you want to keep easy access to the inside layers of the mattress, the zippered part of the mattress must be on top. Since the Dunlop natural latex is highly resilient, you don’t have to worry about flipping your mattress over every few months. However, you can switch out the internal layers of the Spindle mattress to maintain even wear and compression.

Natural latex will last for decades without showing any signs of sagging or indentations, but this also depends on your height and body weight.

Get $250 off any size of the Spindle mattress. Use coupon code NMF at checkout.

Spindle mattress review

The Spindle mattress offers amazing pressure relief while contouring every curve of your body.

First impressions

The first impression I had when lying down on the Spindle mattress was that it had an amazing ability to contour my body. I felt like it hugged every curve of my body (even though I am not that curvy).

It felt very buoyant, kind of like a waterbed, but without the waviness.

After a few weeks of testing, I found the medium-firm configuration perfect for my needs. I wouldn’t go any softer than medium-firm, but that is a personal choice.

Type Of latex

The Spindle mattress uses natural latex that is made from the sap of the Rubber Tree Hevea Brasiliensis. During manufacturing, the sap is frothed up and steam baked in a mould by using either the Dunlop or Talalay processes. The manufacturing process of Dunlop latex is simpler and requires fewer steps. This results in a more economical product that is just as durable and comfortable as Talalay foam. The cell structure of Talalay is more consistent. In the end, however, the feel is about the same.

The Organic Dunlop Latex is Oeko-Tex Certified, GOLS Certified, GOTS Certified and is Manufactured in Sri Lanka


The Spindle Mattress has the following 3rd-party certifications:

Organic Latex:

  • GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard)
  • USDA Organic
  • Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex Class I
  • Carbon Neutral latex manufacturing plant as certified by Control Union

Organic Wool

  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
  • Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex Class I

Organic Cotton
GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)


The cotton/wool top layer works in tandem with the highly breathable Dunlop latex to evacuate excess heat and humidity away from your body.

The materials in the Spindle latex mattress make it highly breathable. The wool in the top layer works in tandem with the cotton to wick away any excess moisture from your body.

The Dunlop latex foam, with its large cell structure and ventilation channels, will ventilate away excess heat and humidity from your body. This will give you an optimized sleep surface in terms of heat and humidity control and will aid you in getting the most rejuvenating sleep you have ever experienced.

Does the Spindle mattress smell like anything?

The mattress has no detectable smell once assembled. It will not fume up a room as most new polyurethane mattresses do. Even from a foot away, I couldn’t detect any smell coming from the Spindle mattress.

I stuck my nose right into the latex foam layer and detected a very faint and slightly sweet smell. The smell was akin to that which I’ve already smelled before in latex gloves but not nearly as pronounced. The smell was inoffensive and quite pleasant.

The wool cover didn’t smell at all from a foot away. When I stuck my face directly into it, it smelled slightly of a hay barn and sheep. But again, this smell is completely inoffensive and very faint.

Since the Spindle mattress is made of noble natural materials, you must expect the components to smell like the original plants or animals that they originated from. As mentioned, the smell of the mattress, if any, is faint, and can not be detected through a mattress protector, bed sheets and a pillow.

In conclusion, the smell is so slight that it is basically a non-issue.

VOC’s in the Spindle mattress

Since the Spindle non-toxic bed is made exclusively of natural materials, it does not emit any VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It is a great choice for someone that is looking for a completely natural mattress that won’t slowly poison them with carcinogenic chemicals. Any polyurethane mattress will have to have a Dacron fibre fire retardant layer. This layer is typically treated with fire retardant chemicals, many of which haven’t been tested for long-term health safety.

I got used to the highly responsive feel of the Spindle latex mattress very quickly. Now, I miss my mattress whenever I am travelling. -Daniel Boudreau

Cushioning Depth

When pressing down in one spot on the Spindle mattress, it has a generous amount of “give”. However, when lying down on it, the surface feels very buoyant. I didn’t feel like I was sinking in at all. The foam was incredibly responsive to my hip section and provided the perfect amount of support.

The feel of the Spindle mattress is unlike anything that you’ve ever slept on before, particularly if you’ve never slept on a natural latex mattress. The immediacy of reaction time is the factor that sets latex foam apart from polyurethane foam. Think of the extreme opposite of slow-reacting memory foam, and Dunlop latex foam is what you get.

Memory foam takes a while to compress, and even more time to regain its shape. Not so with Spindle’s continuous pour Dunlop latex foam. The reaction time is immediate. I dislike memory foam for its slow response time. I find the sinking feeling quite distracting when I’m trying to fall asleep.

It may take some time to get used to, but you’ll surely be pleasantly delighted with the feel of the Spindle mattress. In any case, give the Spindle bed a solid month before locking in on one of the latex layer configurations or to decide if it’s for you. The feel is more buoyant than polyurethane, and I quite enjoyed the sensation.

The 10-inch Spindle is not as bouncy as a hybrid coil mattress. However, the 3 latex foam layers that make up its core are super responsive. Changing from one sleeping position to another is a breeze.


Since the Spindle doesn’t have a fabric encased coil spring system, it doesn’t have the typical bounce of a conventional mattress. Your kids might find it less fun to jump on, but in my opinion, the bounciness factor is not necessarily a disadvantage.

The Spindle natural latex mattress doesn’t have very much bounce, but that isn’t necessarily a quality that one should look for in a mattress. I found that the fast reaction time of the foam and its contouring pressure relief were more important factors. These are two areas where the Spindle latex mattress shines.

Changing Sleeping Positions

The immediate reaction time of the Spindle bed means that you can change positions from your back to your site, to your stomach with little to no effort. This factor helps you in maintaining a relaxed state of mind and encourages deep sleep.

Motion Transfer: The Wine Glass Test

A wine glass filled with water set on the surface of the mattress was used to perform the motion transfer test. During the test, I lay down and changed positions from my back to my side, to my stomach.

During the motion transfer test, the wine glass didn’t even come close to tipping over. It moved very little during the test.

I had the Spindle mattress set up on the floor, and this gave the most accurate motion transfer response. A bed frame or a foundation could have amplified the motion created as I changed positions, thus skewing the results of the motion transfer test.

Partner Disturbance

The minimal motion transfer of the Spindle mattress makes it an excellent choice for a couple. Note that you need a solid bed frame and foundation to minimize motion transfer. A weak bed frame will rock back and forth regardless of the motion attenuation capabilities of your mattress. Any rocking produced by your bed frame may cause partner disturbance.

Changing Sleeping positions

When I initially tried the Spindle natural latex mattress, I thought it was a little soft. I think that this was because I was used to sleeping on a mattress that was overly firm. I also have slept on mattresses of poor quality that had indentations in them.

After a few days, I got used to the firmness and feel of the Spindle mattress and I began to enjoy the amazing contouring and pressure relief that it offered.

Changing sleeping positions on the Spindle natural latex mattress is effortless. Because of the spongy and highly responsive nature of the Dunlop latex, you only need a slight shift in body weight to change from one position to another.

Do you even need to toss and turn?

Most tossing and turning take place to relieve the body of stress and pressure on areas that have a higher concentration of body weight on them. The nerves in the lower back, hips, shoulders, and neck send signals to the brain that it’s time to move and to alleviate that stress. The excessive pressure on the aforementioned areas of the body is greatly reduced given the right pressure-relieving material.

The three 3-inch natural latex layers in the Spindle mattress work wonders for relieving your body of pressure during sleep. In turn, this may reduce the amount of toss and turn. This results in less partner disturbance and more restorative sleep.


I found the Spindle mattress extremely comfortable. Since I am quite tall at 6’4″, my body weight is quite spread out. I found that the mattress offered the perfect amount of compression without feeling too soft.

There are so many variables that go into one’s impression of a mattress. Moreso, since the Spindle bed is customizable, the comfort rating remains highly subjective. Bodyweight, height, sleeping style, and latex layer configuration all have a play in the comfort rating of the mattress. I highly recommend the Spindle mattress because of the customizability, pressure relief, responsiveness of the latex, quality of the materials and craftsmanship.

A latex mattress for back pain

The Spindle latex core mattress is an excellent latex mattress for relieving back pain. The all-latex core that consists of three 3-inch layers of latex will contour your body and offer unparalleled support and pressure relief for the areas that need it most. The shoulders, neck, and hips all get soothing pressure relief and gentle support from the three 3-inch layers of Dunlop latex.

Choosing The mattress firmness

The Spindle mattress is currently only offered as a “medium-firm”. This is the ideal firmness for most people. You can reconfigure the layers in the “medium-firm” at home in order to slightly optimize the firmness. If it is still not right, you have 365 days to work with Spindle and optimize the firmness and comfort.

The layers of the “medium-firm” mattress are configured from top to bottom as follows: medium, medium, firm. Most people will be very comfortable with this configuration. However, if you want to experiment, just know that you can get three different feels out of this mattress by reconfiguring the latex foam layers.

Spindle recommends that you sleep on the mattress for at least two weeks before deciding to change the configuration.

Edge support

I didn’t get the feeling that I was about to roll off the bed, even if I was right up against the side. The Spindle mattress remained supportive even when lying down close to the side.

During my edge support test, I moved over to the side a bit more to where my arm was almost falling off the bed. I started to feel some pulling and rolling off at this point, but this is expected due to my position on the bed. Overall, the edge support was average.

Sitting on the edge

This mattress tends to sink in a little more than what I’m used to when I’m sitting on the edge to put on my socks or tie my shoes. Some polyurethane mattresses have a high-density foam that contours the entire mattress in order to offer better edge support. Some hybrid mattresses have more rigid coils around the edge so that there is less sinkage when sitting directly on the edge.

In this case, it would be unjust to compare apples to oranges. The Spindle is a customizable natural latex mattress. So, it will not have the same edge support as a polyurethane mattress that has a high-density contour foam.

Third-Party Certifications

The latex layers of the Spindle natural latex mattress are certified by Oeko-Tex standard 100, class I. The certification guarantees that the latex foam doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and does not emit any VOCs.

The cover material made of GOTS certified organic cotton. I recommend getting a mattress protector to keep your Spindle mattress in pristine shape should you decide to purchase it.


The Queen size is currently at $1 499.99 which is really affordable considering that you’re getting a mattress that will last at least 4x longer than any polyurethane mattress. Check the homepage comparison chart for the latest coupons and deals available for this mattress.

The amount of latex sap needed to create the foam in this mattress is considerable. Several hectares of rubber tree plantation are required to produce the sap for a single mattress. I think the mattress is reasonably priced for the amount of latex foam that is in it.


If you’re looking for a latex-core mattress that is 100% natural and that is customizable, the Spindle latex mattress should be at the top of your list.

The only downside I found was that the mattress was hard to move. Obviously, this has nothing to do with the comfort of the mattress, which is excellent, but it should be something to consider if you happen to be a young professional that moves around a lot. Generally, a latex core mattress is harder to move, since it lacks the internal structure that would keep it from folding and flopping around when being moved. In short, this mattress is amazing for sleeping, but not so much for moving around.

The Spindle mattress requires some assembly once it arrives. This could be seen as a disadvantage, but it is outweighed by the fact that you can open up the cover and change around the inner layers.

The Spindle comes with a 365-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the firmness of your mattress after you have tested it out for a few weeks, the folks at Spindle will work with you to suggest a new latex layer configuration.

In some cases, they even send out a replacement layer to fine-tune the firmness of your mattress. This offer is open for a full 365 days. If you are not satisfied after this time period, you will get your money back.

The Spindle natural latex mattress will provide you with decades of comfort and will help set the stage for the most rejuvenating sleep of your life.

Thanks for checking out this Spindle mattress review. If you have any questions about it, feel free to send us an email on the contact page.

The Spindle mattress: Customize it. Sleep on it. Love it!

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