Manufacturer10" Natural Latex Mattress
by Spindle
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Mattress typeLatex Core
MaterialsOrganic Cotton,
Dunlop Natural Latex.
Extra Firm
Queen60 X 79.5 X 10 inches 150 lbs.
CertificationOeko-Tex 100, class I
Certified Latex
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Warranty10 year limited
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Manufacturer10" Natural Latex Mattress
by Spindle

The Spindle natural latex mattress is a testament to quality craftsmanship. It is made with the most resilient natural materials in the mattress industry.

Spindle is committed to using what works. That’s why they craft their mattresses with Dunlop natural latex that will last at least 3x longer than polyurethane foam. Ethically sheared wool from the Woolgatherers Carding Mill in California makes up the fire barrier. Fire resistant standards are met without the use of toxic and carcinogenic fire-retardant chemicals. The mattress is covered with a soft and durable organic cotton cover that is quilted together with the wool layer.

A Hands-on review of the Spindle Mattress

Spindle, a Massachusetts company run by 4th generation mattress maker Neal Van Patten, was generous enough to send me one of their mattresses for a hands-on review!

The mattress shipped out quickly and it arrived at my house in three separate boxes. All the boxes were labeled with the firmness (medium or firm) of every latex foam layer, so putting the mattress together was very easy.

Latex foam layers

Most people order the medium firmness from Spindle. The “medium” firmness means that Spindle will send you two medium firmness layers and one firm layer. The firm layer will go on the bottom and the two medium layers will go on top of that.

There are some customization options available to you even within the same “medium” firmness mattress. For example, you could place the firm layer as the second layer from the bottom. This configuration would create a firmer sleep surface in comparison to the firm-medium-medium configuration.

Additionally, since the Dunlop foam is denser one side of each layer, the individual layers can be flipped over to achieve a slightly different firmness. The side with the holes will be denser than the smooth side, so if you want a slightly firmer feel, arrange the latex foam layers so that the holes are facing up.

Spindle labels the latex layer firmness with a medium or firm sticker as well as a “this side up” sticker. This makes the setup process much easier and saves you time.

Is the assembly of the Spindle mattress complicated and time-consuming?

Well, if you consider that I was able to move the queen mattress to the location and assemble it myself using only a dolly and a pair of scissors, I would say that the assembly is fairly easy. If you are fit and able to lift heavy items, the assembly is doable by yourself. However, if you have back problems and have trouble lifting heavy items, you will need to arrange for someone to assemble the mattress for you.

The fact that I was able to move the mattress and assemble it by myself was a definite added bonus.