The Best Latex Mattress 2021 List features all-natural and non-toxic mattresses. If you’re new to natural latex mattresses, you might be surprised to learn that it is possible to manufacture a mattress using 100% natural components. Why should you want a mattress with all-natural components? Because they are non-toxic, will not offgas toxic chemicals home environment and cause health issues and they are much more durable. So, instead of replacing your mattress in under 10 years after it has been sagging for the latter part of its life, you could be sleeping soundly for 25+ years on a natural latex mattress.

The Best Latex Mattress For 2021 list is a good starting point, but if you want to compare many other natural latex mattresses, be sure to check out the Basic Interactive Comparison Table and the “Full Spec” Interactive Comparison Table.

New & Notable Natural Latex Mattresses

Some new additions to for this year are the 13″  Eden Mattress by Eden and the 14″ 360 Hybrid Pillowtop by SleepEZ. Both mattresses are hybrid and are very competitively priced for their generous thicknesses.

Selection Criteria For the Best Latex Mattress For 20201 List

  1. Thickness to price ratio
  2. Price (affordability) 
  3. 3rd party certifications
  4. Edge Support
  5. Zoned Layers
  6. Durability
  7. Breathability
  8. Construction – Either Hybrid innerspring coils or 12″+ all latex.
  9. No toxic VOCs or fire-retardant chemicals.

Best Latex Mattress 2021 List

  1. The Eden Mattress by Eden
  2. The Idle Latex (2-sided 13″) by Idle Sleep
  3. Hybrid Latex Mattress by Brentwood Home
  4. 360 Hybrid Pillowtop by SleepEZ
  5. Botanical Bliss by Plush Beds

ManufacturerVisual of mattressCheck latest
The Eden Pillowtop Mattress
by Eden
The Idle Latex (2-sided 13″)
by Idle Sleep

O% APR for 60 Months
Hybrid 13Read the full review
Hybrid Latex Mattress
by Brentwood Home
360 Hybrid Pillowtop
by SleepEZ
Botanical Bliss
(9, 10, 12 inches)
by Plush Beds
Latex core12
Read the full review

1. The Eden Mattress by Eden

Mattress Type: Hybrid

Firmness: medium

Trial Length: 18 months

Warranty: lifetime

Certifications: Greenguard Certified Organic


✔ Hypoallergenic materials.

✔ 5″ layer of natural dunlop latex. 

✔ 8″ Quantum Edge To Edge Coil unit. 

Best For:

❯ Heavy people that need a thick mattress (13″) that will stay breathable and supportive under heavy compression. 

❯ People looking for a natural latex pillowtop mattress, at an affordable price. 

❯ Sleepers that like the bounce of a traditional mattress but without the motion transfer.

Get $200 off the Eden Mattress

Get $200 off the Eden Mattress

The Eden Mattress Company opened its doors in 2020, offering an outstanding hybrid mattress with a pillowtop option.

The Eden Mattress features all-natural components wich are layered from top to bottom in the following order:

  1. Organic cotton cover.
  2. Wool fire barrier.
  3. 5″ Medium Dunlop latex layer.
  4. 8″ Quantum Edge coil unit.
  5. 1″ Firm Dunlop latex layer.
  6. Wool fibre.
  7. Bottom organic cotton cover.

The Eden Mattress‘s warranty covers sagging and body impressions. Eden is so confident about the durability of this mattress that they offer a lifetime warranty.

The pillowtop version of the Eden Mattress features 5″ of Dunlop latex. The base of the mattress has a 3″ latex layer, while the pillowtop has a 2″ latex layer, making for a buoyant, pressure-relieving and breathable surface.

The Eden Mattress is competitively priced against the Avocado Green Pillowtop and the Cedar Natural Luxe Pillowtop, although it has less 3rd party certifications. The Eden Mattress is certified by Greenguard Gold.

The Greenguard Gold certification means that all the materials are certified organic & non-toxic and will not pollute your home environment with nasty chemicals.

The 18-month sleep trial should remove all doubt from investing in the Eden Mattress. If you discover that you aren’t getting rejuvenating sleep on this mattress during the one and a half year trial period, simply arrange for a refund.

2. Idle Latex Hybrid By Idle Sleep

Mattress Type: Hybrid

Firmness: Double-sided medium-medium, firm-firm or medium-firm. 

Trial Length: 18-months

Warranty: lifetime

Thickness: 13″

Certifications: GOLS


✔ The Idle Latex Hybrid is a two-sided, flippable mattress. A two-sided mattress may be more durable. 

✔ You can choose to have one side medium, other side firm. Change the firmness by simply flipping it over! 

✔ Choice of Dunlop or Talalay latex comfort layer. 

Best For:

❯ A heavy person (230+ lbs) that needs a thick mattress that is durable and won’t sag. 

❯ People looking for a mattress with an organic GOLS certified latex layer. 

❯ Sleepers that want a mattress that is free of polyurethane foam is hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. 

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Get 30% off the Idle Sleep Latex

The Idle Latex Hybrid features a generous 3″ natural latex comfort layer on both sides of the mattress. The latex is certified by GOLS and is available in Dunlop or Talalay. Both types of latex have the same durability as well as the same comfort, although some people describe a softer feel when lying down on a Talalay mattress. The Talalay version is more expensive because the manufacturing process requires more machinery and more steps to produce. 

The non-toxic components of the Idle Sleep Latex are layered as follows: 

Organic Cotton cover,
1″ Wool,
3″ Dunlop Latex,
6″ Pocketed Coils,
3″ Dunlop Latex,
1″ Wool,
Cotton Cover

The Idle Latex Hybrid is a flippable mattress so not only do you get the choice of two firmnesses in the same mattress, but you also get a mattress that will last a lot longer if you flip it over occasionally. If you have a medium-medium or firm-firm, flipping the mattress over on occasion may help extend its life. 

Idle Sleep has an amazing 18-month trial which is among the longest in the industry. The natural latex mattress is backed by a lifetime warranty if any component of the mattress were to fail. This included body impressions and indentations deeper than .5″. 0% APR Financing is available for this mattress and is a convenient way to get the best sleep of your life, no matter what your budget is. 

3. Hybrid Latex Mattress by Brentwood Home

Mattress Type: Hybrid

Firmness: medium

Trial Length: 365 days

Warranty: 25-year limited

Certifications: Greenguard Gold, GOTS, GOLS


✔ Mattress components are made with up-cycled and recycled materials. 

✔ Hybrid construction has bounce and breathability but does not transfer motion. 

✔ Latex layer is certified organic by GOLS. 

Best For:

❯ People that want to make a positive impact on the environment through their mattress purchase. 

❯ Side sleepers that like a medium feel and a contouring bed surface. 

❯ Sleepers that want a non-toxic bed that is certified by Greenguard Gold. 

Get $200 off the Eden Mattress

Use code NMF100OFF for $100 off the Hybrid Latex Mattress

The Hybrid Latex Mattress by Brentwood Home may be the most environmentally friendly mattresses on the market. Not only do the components include natural & sustainable materials, but they also include unused materials from denim manufacturing that would otherwise be destined for the landfill. 

The Hybrid Latex Mattress features a zoned latex layer that features a zigzag pattern that is stretched out in the hip and shoulder area. This adds softness to the latex layer and allows the hips and shoulders to sink in a little more than the rest of the body. The 100% natural GOLS certified latex layer will add contouring when you are lying down on it. The two layers of latex are 4″ inched in total. 

The mattress components are layered from top to bottom in the following order: 

Organic Cotton,
recycled polyester,
Natural latex,
Flax Fiber Pad,
Quantum Edge Spring coils,
Cotton Demin Pad

The 8″ ActivEdge™ Quantum® Edge coil unit from Leggett & Platt® is made from up-cycled steel and featured a reinforced perimeter. The reinforced perimeter prevents the roll-off sensation when sleeping close to the edge of the bed. The reinforced perimeter also prevents excessive sinkage when sitting on the edge of the bed. 

The Hybrid Latex Mattress comes with a 365-day trial period, so you have a full year to decide whether you want to commit to your investment. If that doesn’t take away all your worry, the mattress is covered by Brentwood Home‘s 25-year limited warranty. 

4. 360 Hybrid Pillowtop by SleepEZ

Mattress Type: Hybrid

Firmness: Double-sided one side medium, the other side firm. 

Trial Length: 90 days

Warranty: 10-year limited. 

Certifications: GOLS, OekoTex, EcoWool, GOTS, Eco-Institut, Rainforest Alliance.


✔ 2-sided mattress medium/firm

✔ 14-inch thickness

✔ Customizable thanks to the zippered cover. 

Best For:

❯ The 14″ thickness makes this a perfect mattress for heavy people. 

❯ People that want a Talalay option for a softer feel. 

❯ Side sleepers will love the contouring medium side while back sleepers may find more comfort on the firm side. 

Get $200 off the Eden Mattress

Get 30% off the Idle Sleep Latex

The 360 Hybrid Pillowtop by SleepEZ falls into a select class of the most luxurious, comfortable and pressure-relieving natural mattresses at 14″ in thickness. It features a 3″ layer of either Dunlop or Talalay on the medium side and a 2″ layer of latex on the firm side. 

The components of the 360 Hybrid Latex are layered as follows:

Cotton cover,
3″ Adjustable latex layer (Talalay or Dunlop),
8″ pocketed coil layer,
2″ Firm latex layer,
Wool batting,
Cotton cover.

The best mattress for heavy people will have all the characteristics of the 360 Hybrid Latex. It is very thick. At 14″ it is able to remain comfortable, supportive and breathable under heavy compression. The Quantum Edge Elite coil unit, with its reinforced perimeter, will support the heaviest sleepers with a delicate bounce that will not transfer any motion. 

Why choose the 360 Hybrid Latex over a conventional polyurethane mattress? Durability. The #1 reason that a poly mattress begins to sag is that the comfort layer is made with cheap, low-density polyurethane foam. Polyurethane is comfortable and resilient at first but quickly loses its ability to regain its shape. 100% natural latex mattresses don’t have the same tendency to sag, not to mention that this material is is VOC free and is not treated with flame retardant chemicals. 

Instead of flame retardant chemicals, the 360 Hybrid Latex employs a layer of New Zealand Joma Wool. The wool layer is placed right beneath the cotton cover, and when integrated into a tight quilt, is resistant to open flame. 

The 360 Hybrid Latex is certified by GOLS, OekoTex, EcoWool, GOTS, Eco-Institut, Rainforest Alliance which means that all of the components meet the highest organic, non-toxic and sustainable standards. 

SleepEZ offers a full 90 day trial period so that you can be fully satisfied before committing to your investment. Since you have access to the inner components via the zippered cover, it is possible to exchange the latex layer of the mattress with SleepEZ‘s comfort layer exchange program. The mattress is covered by a 10-year limited warranty. 

5. Botanical Bliss by Plush Beds

Mattress Type: Latex core

Firmness: medium, firm. 

Trial Length: 100 nights

Warranty: 25-year limited

Thickness: 9″, 10″, 12″ 

Certifications: GOLS Latex, GOTS (cotton, wool), USDA Organic (cotton, latex, wool), Greenguard Gold, OEKO-TEX standard 100 Latex, Eco Institut.


✔ Approved by all major 3rd party certifications for natural mattresses. 

✔ Organic latex layers.

✔ Zippered cover. 

Best For:

❯ Side sleepers & back sleepers. 

❯ Sleepers looking for a particular mattress configuration. Many firmness options

❯ People looking for an organic & non-toxic bed. 

Get $200 off the Eden Mattress

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The Botanical Bliss by Plush Beds is an organic all latex mattress that is designed with customization in mind. Thanks to the zippered cover, you can access the inner layers of the mattress in the comfort of your own home if you want to change the firmness. 

The Botanical Bliss is available in 9″, 10″ and 12″ thicknesses, which can accommodate people of any body type and sleeping style. People that have a lighter bodyweight that is around 150 pounds can go with the 9″, while heavier people should go with the 10″ or 12″. 

The components of the Botanical Bliss are layered as follows, although there will be slight variations, depending on the configuration. 

Organic cotton
Organic wool,
Talalay latex,
Dunlop latex

The Botanical Bliss has the most 3rd party certifications out of any mattress in the 2021 list. It is certified organic from top to bottom. This is the ideal mattress for someone that wants a bed that has the highest degree of organic purity available. 

Use The Selection Criteria To Your Advantage

During your research,  you can use every mattress selection criteria, or feel free to use only the points that are important to you. 

100% Natural Latex Mattress Selection Criteria

  1. Thickness to price ratio
  2. Price (affordability) 
  3. 3rd party certifications
  4. Edge Support
  5. Zoned Layers
  6. Durability
  7. Breathability
  8. Construction – Either Hybrid innerspring coils or 12″+ all latex.
  9. No toxic VOCs or fire-retardant chemicals.

By using the 9 point selection criteria, we assembled a list of natural latex mattresses that will provide the best possible natural sleep surface at the most reasonable price. But, the search for your ideal natural latex mattress doesn’t need to end there. Compare a vast array of 3rd party certified natural latex mattresses on the interactive Latex Mattress Comparison Table and the “Full Spec” Latex Mattress Comparison Table

Ultimately, choosing the right latex mattress is highly subjective, because you have to take into consideration personal preferences and your body size into account. Things you have to take into consideration include: 

  • Your height & bodyweight. 
  • Your firmness preference. 
  • Your sleeping position. 
  • If you sleep with a partner. (internal split layers) 
  • A tendency to sleep hot/cold.

The mattress with the best support, bounce, contouring and pressure-relief depends on the factors listed above and will vary from person to person.  

In light of all these factors, has created the Best Latex Mattress for 2021 list to offer the widest array of latex mattresses that provide the most optimal sleep surface for most people. 

There is no single best natural latex mattress. However,  when you using our 9-point selection criteria, there are some models that stand out over others. 

A note on natural latex mattress pricing

The latex mattresses in the Best Latex Mattress For 2021 list all have reasonable pricing when compared to other mattresses in the natural mattress category. It is important not to compare on price alone, since you will be spending 1/3 of your life on your new mattress. If one mattresses’ specifications are better tailored to your needs, it may be worth the extra investment. Think of your new mattress as an investment, rather than a cost for a high ticket item. 

When comparing based on price, make sure that you are comparing apples with apples, so to speak. For example, there is not much use in comparing a cheap mattress from Walmart that sells for 400$ (queen size) with a 100% natural latex mattress. Sure, the natural latex mattress will sell for at least double what the cheap polyurethane mattress will sell for, but everything from the sleep experience to the components, to the durability, will be completely different. Ultimately, you will have much better sleep quality on a natural latex mattress, and you will avoid polluting your home environment with toxic VOCs that could adversely affect your health.