Author: Daniel Boudreau

Sleep deprived? This is how it could be affecting your learning and memory

Dr. Stuart Fogel heads a research team at the sleep laboratory of the Royal Ottawa Institute for Mental Health Research. He conducts experiments on people while they sleep. This is done by attaching brain electrodes to the scalp and monitoring the activity on an EEG machine. The motivation for these extensive sleep studies comes from the reduction in sleep that adults are getting nowadays. The US average sleep time for adults is constantly falling, and people are paying the price with the health consequences that ensue.

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The Economics Of Mattress Stores

When you buy from an online mattress in a box retailer, you avoid most of the markup associated with purchasing a mattress in a physical store. This will allow you to fully invest your money in the quality of your mattress. You can attribute the portion of your mattress budget that you would have normally spent on markup and put it towards a natural latex mattress. The quality of the materials will be far superior for the same cost.

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Latex Beds & Sleep Therapy

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